Family Resort Destinations

Family resort destinations allow travelers with children to take a relaxing vacation without having to worry about their kids 100 percent of the time. Although time together is one of the best parts of a family vacation, it’s also nice for the kids to have some fun with other young people while the parents take a break, and both non-inclusive and all inclusive family resorts offer activities and services to make this happen. All inclusive family resorts in particular can be relaxing, as they allow you to do your budgeting ahead of time and relax once you arrive, knowing that a stress-free vacation is possible because there won’t be anymore unexpected expenses. These can be great options for cheap family getaways as well, as the best family resort vacation provides great value for your money, often including childcare services on the premises.

In previous years, many families were limited to spending every vacation on a road trip, and though these are great vacations in themselves, sometimes it’s nice to just head out for a family beach vacation and spend some time relaxing near white sand and warm waters. Today, affordable family resorts make this a possibility, and the availability of destinations both in the US and abroad opens up a lot of options for where to go.

Undoubtedly, Florida is one of the best places for this type of getaway. Orlando is the world’s biggest resort destination on its own, and a high percentage of these resorts are family-oriented, thanks to the presence of two major theme parks: Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. The Disney resorts have terrific swimming pools, kids clubs, and easy access to some of the best roller coasters and other rides in the world. The best family resort destinations are those that have a little something for everyone, and the great thing about this area is that in addition to the kid-friendly things to do, there are plenty of attractions for parents as well.

The Caribbean is also among the best family resort vacation options, and there are family-friendly resorts scattered around many of the islands. For instance, the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is a longstanding resort with great guest services, as is the Amaryllis in Barbados, and the FDR Pebbles Resort in Negril Jamaica. If you’re trying to find a cheap family vacation package, consider resorts such as Beaches and Club Med, which have locations around the Caribbean and can often provide great deals if you aren’t too picky about which resort you visit. (Do make sure there are family-friendly options available, however, before you commit to this type of trip, as some resorts are either adults only or focused on couples rather than kids.) As an added perk, many of the Caribbean options are all inclusive family resorts as well.

Hawaii has its own share of terrific resorts and family activities, and if you’ve always dreamed of seeing the 50th state, why not go this year? The weather is beautiful year-round, meaning that even if you book outside the peak season it’s still possible to count on pleasant temperatures and plenty of time outdoors. Popular kid-friendly resorts in Hawaii can be found in many areas, including the Big Island, Kauai, and the Waikiki Beach area of Oahu, well-known for its great stretch of hotels. Kaanapali Beach, on the island of Maui, also has a wide selection of family-friendly activities and hotels that can offer great deals and plenty of entertainment for everyone.

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