Family Vacation Deals

Family vacation deals can help put a great trip within your budget, even if a vacation wasn’t something you had planned on this year. From family ski packages to family cruise vacations, there are many options to find cheap rates and great travel packages to help you save money and make the most of your time together. While some deals focus on saving money on travel and lodging with destinations closer to home, others can include discounts on airfare or resorts in exotic areas like the Caribbean. Deals can be found on travel search engines, such as through the booking widget on this page, or just by choosing a destination and getting tips from friends or a travel agent.

The best family trip deals for beach vacations are usually found in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Florida. Many Caribbean islands have resorts that cater specifically to families; plenty of these resorts are also all inclusive, meaning that services such as babysitting and kids clubhouses are included in the flat rate you pay ahead of time. The FDR Pebbles in Jamaica, Club Med resorts throughout the Caribbean, and the Amaryllis Resort in Barbados are some of the Caribbean destinations that cater specifically to guests with children. In Hawaii, there are resorts in the Waikiki Beach area of Oahu, on the Big Island, and in the Kaanapali Beach area of Maui that all have plenty of family-friendly features.

Florida is one of the best family vacation destinations in the world, with its great combination of beaches and theme parks. The Florida Keys, Daytona Beach, and Pensacola all have terrific beaches, and Walt Disney World in Orlando has some of the best resorts, rides, and attractions anywhere on the planet. It’s possible to find cheap airfare to Florida throughout the year or to drive here, if you live close enough that this is a possibility. The best family trip deals to Florida are often found in conjunction with the amusement parks, and these packages often include airfare, accomodations, and admission to one or more attractions.

Camping is also a great way to allow families to get good value for their vacation dollars, as most state and national parks have very low daily fees for campsites. This makes them great spots for family vacation deals, and they’re also some of the most beautiful vacation destinations you’ll find anywhere. Yellowstone National Park, Acadia National Park, and Glacier National Park are among the dozens of options. It’s also possible to participate in a house swap with another family in an area you’d like to visit—if this interests you, go through a service that can help you find a responsible family to trade with, get to know your swappers, and get ready for a vacation that will make you feel at home in a new city.

Family trip deals are also available for cruises, dude ranches, and other unusual destinations around the world. It’s all a matter of choosing what you’d like to do and deciding what fits your budget. The most important aspect of a family vacation is to have fun, so get everyone involved in the planning and decide whether you’d rather head to an amusement park in a neighboring state, take a Disney cruise through the Caribbean islands, explore the beaches and Mayan ruins in Mexico, or even plan a family trip to Europe. From family ski packages in Lake Tahoe to hiking trips through Yellowstone, there's plenty to see, even if you're a family on a budget.

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