Las Vegas Vacation Rental Homes

Las Vegas vacation rental homes are a great option for those who want a retreat from the heady lights of the nightlife, casinos, and dazzling attractions that define this city that never sleeps. While the center of Las Vegas is the Strip, along which the most stunning and buzzing cubs, bars, restaurants, and casinos are located, not everyone wants to stay so close to the bright lights. Choosing a Las Vegas vacation home means that you have a much broader area to look at, and don't have to just stay in the towering hotels.

There are plenty of types of Las Vegas vacation homes to choose from if you're looking to be in on the action, close to all the many things to do in this bustling city. Villas, condos, and apartments are all available at the heart of the city. Many of these are privately owned, and can be booked through a website that deals with these houses, through a local travel office, or directly through the owners themselves. As these are private homes, they vary from cheap vacation homes to luxury homes. There are a good selection of private homes near the Strip with air conditioning, pools, and satellite TV. If you're looking for more facilities, you can stay in a planned vacation home community. Many of these communities offer services such as car rental and maid service. Las Vegas vacation rental homes owned by a travel company are also more likely to offer this type of service. There are also many hotel rooms, suites, and apartments for rent right on the Strip, which are akin to vacation homes in size and amenities. Properties worth looking into for these include the Trump Tower and City Center.

Location matters when it comes to choosing one of these vacation homes. The city is packed with attractions to see, such as Caesars Palace, and the fashionable Bellagio with its amazing fountain display, not to mention the towering replica of the Eiffel Tower just across the street at the Paris. Most of these sites and attractions as well as the best clubs and casinos are on the Las Vegas Boulevard, so there's plenty of incentive to be close to the action. The city is famous for being ostentatious, and this is no less true of Las Vegas luxury home rentals. At one end of the spectrum, there are a few truly magnificent estates that can be rented, some that sleep more than a dozen people. While many invite people planning events, they are also designed for couples and families who really want to stay in style. There are also plenty of Las Vegas luxury home rentals in the city's upscale planned communities, such as Elkhorn Springs, which is surrounded by ski resorts, and Green Valley.

There are plenty of Las Vegas vacation rental homes that are just out of town. Good areas to look into close to Mount Charleston to the West or Las Vegas Bay on Lake Mead to the East, meaning that vacationers can get a breath of fresh air after nights out on the town. Those who are looking for a more relaxing experience may want to book a log cabin outside the inner city, or a condo with a pool and acres of space in the suburbs, still a short drive away from the strip. Summerlin, a 22,500 acre master-planned community, is known for its privately owned Las Vegas luxury home rentals and is popular with anyone who wants to be slightly apart from the heady night life of Las Vegas. Vacation homes in Summerlin are just fifteen minutes from the Strip and half an hour from Mount Charleston and Lake Mead, which lies at the center of a state park. Red Rock Canyon is only minutes away, so the spot is also popular with rock climbers. Even within Las Vegas, many people rent out private condos, apartments, and homes and these can be great options for a Las Vegas vacation home that is not overlooked by skyscrapers and casinos.

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