Last Minute Vacations in Central America

Last minute vacations in Central America can vary all across the board. A last minute Central America vacation can easily be planned as an all inclusive vacation. Adventure and eco tours through lush landscapes in thick jungles, offer more versatility than a full-fledged resort stay, yet offer the conciseness of a professionally led excursion. For adventurous tourists returning for a jaunt through a never-before-seen country during a last minute Central American vacation, the need for cheap accommodation can easily be filled with lower prices during fast-approaching dates.

Though a major appeal can be traveling outside of high season, low season is the time period when the real deals are up for grabs and last minute cheap vacations are plentiful. Planning a last minute trip to Costa Rica can bring about some pretty unbelievable discounts in all seasons. Exploring a backdrop filled with active volcanoes is a popular pursuit in Costa Rica. Beauty abounds in Juan Santamaria Park and stunning Corcovado National Park. If you're looking for flights for a Central American adventure, be as flexible as possible when searching options. Look into the booking tool on this page to compare flight deals and more. For those that don’t, try a variety of date combinations to score the best price for a last minute Central American vacation.

Anyone who has traveled to Mexico will find a lot of common characteristics between it and Central American countries, including history and heritage. This may offer a higher level of comfort for first-time travelers. The difference between them is that the highly touristed areas of Mexico have gotten expensive while most all countries in Central America are not, yet they offer many of the same ideal elements for an escape. For instance, all inclusive resorts in Honduras make for excellent and affordable last minute vacations in Central America.

A last minute trip to Costa Rica for a longer period isn’t suited to an all inclusive resort or many of the popular eco-resorts in the country. Independent travel, either dispersed with tours or not, is the way to go. Some last minute flights with open-ended return dates are available and can be a convenient way to go. Last minute flights can be purchased for deep discounts, especially if travel dates are on the horizon. Costa Rica offers an extremely rich natural backdrop perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It is laced with eco-friendly options that keep growing each year. Staying at eco-resorts has been a mainstay trend that appeals to many travelers seeking out a way to experience the rich diversity throughout the country. Adventure travel includes water activities, rainforest excursions, caving or spelunking, wildlife watching, and visiting the private reserve of Monteverde where the stunning cloud forests draw people from around the world.

Many plan last minute vacations in Central America and go diving, especially in the second biggest barrier reef along the Central American Coast in both Honduras and Belize. Belize’s prices have already risen to match many densely touristed areas, making it a good choice for last minute luxury vacations, yet Honduras still offers plenty of options for budget travelers. Either way, a last minute deal could be a multi-day diving excursion in either country or coastal cruise. Getting diving certifications is another option and one that can come down a lot in price for an impending trip.

The lowest prices in Central America are within the mainland in Honduras, in Belize, and throughout Guatemala and that remains at any time of year. Traveling in low season with discount last minute vacations in Central America means perpetually great deals all around in top places like Granada, Nicaragua, Bocos del Toro in Panama, and Antigua, Guatemala. Food and drinks are always generally inexpensive so, if it suits your plans, hit the higher end hotels or domestic flights for the best cheap last minute deals. A last minute trip to Costa Rica could mean living in the lap of luxury; eating gourmet food, enjoying eco-friendly tours, and staying in unique yet lavish settings like tree houses in Limon or earth-friendly resorts in Liberia, all for a drop in the hat.

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