Last Minute Deals

Whether you have a weekend or a week to devote to a vacation, there are many options for last minute discount travel. If your schedule is flexible and you don't mind planning at the last minute, you can find great last minute deals on flights, hotels, cruises, and beach getaways at the last minute. Some people even plan last minute weddings on the beaches of Mexico and Florida. There are many types of vacations and destinations that can be booked at the last minute without a lot of planning.

Most people think that the only way to find great deals on airfare is to book it several months ahead of time. While you can save money by booking a flight several weeks in advance, a last minute booking can be a great deal if you know what to look for. Airlines try to fill their empty seats by offering discounts on airfare two or three days before the flight departs, so whether or not you get a big discount on your flight will depend on whether or not the airplane that is flying to your destination has any open seats. It's also a good idea to compare prices for several different airlines so you know what options are available. You can use the convenient booking widget above to compare prices on last minute discount travel. If you want to find cheap last minute travel deals on flights, try to fly on the weekdays instead of the weekends when most people travel. You can also find cheap last minute airfare by being willing to take an early morning or red-eye flight. Although it's hard to get out of bed before 5:00 a.m. to catch a flight, you'll be thanking yourself when you arrive at your destination with a full day ahead of you.

Once you've found a cheap flight, it's time to find last minute deals on hotels. You'll have the best luck finding a hotel deal at the last minute by traveling during the off season of tourism for your destination. For destinations such as the Bahamas and Mexico, you can find last minute deals on hotels during the summer months, when less people are traveling to warm destinations. Although these destinations have hotter weather in the summer, hotel rooms can be found at a fraction of their normal price. By traveling to these destinations in the summer, you can avoid the crowds at the beach or bypass lines at the amusement park. If you're looking for last minute discount travel to Europe, hotels and airfare will be cheapest during the late fall and winter. While destinations such as Denmark and Sweden are known for their dark and dreary winters, destinations in southern Europe experience very mild winters.

Cruises are a great option for cheap last minute travel that doesn't require a lot of planning. Finding last minute cruise deals can be accomplished by paying attention to the slow and busy travel seasons for your destinations. If you're planning a Caribbean cruise, good cruise vacation prices can be found between May and late September. Cruises to Ecuador and other countries near the equator are good options for last minute discount travel all year round. Although most people book South American cruises months in advance, you may be able to find last minute discount travel on ships that haven't been filled. River cruises are another option for cheap last minute travel. A river cruise along the Nile or Elbe River offers a unique way to see the towns and cities of different countries. River cruises don't offer as many amenities as luxury ocean liners, but they do provide basic accommodations and meals and are a great way to meet travelers with similar interests.

People with the wintertime blues often feel the urge to take beach getaways at the last minute. The most popular places to take beach vacations are Florida, California, and Hawaii. These states offer miles of public beaches where visitors can swim in the ocean, go surfing, or simply stroll along the beach. The beach destinations near some of the larger cities in Florida, such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale, have a number of cheap hotels within ten miles of the beach. Beaches in Connecticut and New York are also fun options for cheap last minute travel.

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