Last Minute Europe Vacations

Last minute Europe vacations can be planned for relaxation, action, nature, and culture. They can also be planned with a mix of all of these. Planning last minute trips to Europe is an exciting venture into Europe’s top destinations. Experience top European destinations and world-class attractions in cities such as Paris and London, or a sense of adventure can take you to one or several points where adventure tours top the list of activities available. Slovak Republic is famous for the Tatra Mountains and a backdrop of pure beauty and fantastic scenery. Last minute European travel can mean good deals on accommodations and adventure and eco-tours by lakes and valleys within the mountains, or in the heart of the city. Best of all, the European Union and the UK allow visa-free travel for US citizens, allowing you to plan last minute vacations as long as you have a valid passport.

In the Czech Republic, Prague is a well-known vacation spot and a great place for a last minute escape. Within the city, prices have generally risen since the times when Prague was known as a really cheap city to visit. Still, with a lot of competition between hotels and guide companies, good prices are definitely still around. Explore rich history, spend time shopping, and dive into local culture. Or delve into what Prague is truly famous for—an incredible mix of neoclassical, baroque, renaissance, and art nouveau architecture in a diverse and cosmopolitan European capital.

Small in size yet monstrous in offerings, Latvia and Estonia are two more great destinations for last minute Europe vacations. Skiing, beaches, wildlife, outdoor activities, and many curious festivals, and events provide more than enough to do in any time frame and are all easy to plan. Skirting the Baltic Sea and the borders of Russia and Belarus, these two little gems offer visa-free travel for Canadians, Americans, Australians, and British citizens , making a last minute trip fairly easy to plan. Note that most countries do also require sufficient empty pages in your passport for stamps and tourist visas issued upon arrival.

There is no destination more famous in Europe than Italy. Home to the fascinating and ultra-storied city of Rome, world-class shopping in Milan, succulent dishes in all regions, and plenty of coastal beaches for some serious R&R, Italy pleases even the most discerning last minute traveler. Last minute European travel to Italy is a great choice. Italy’s popularity is reflected in its attractive lodging, dining, and tour options. There are so many tourist amenities it would be nearly impossible to fill them all. A good last minute European travel deal is always on the horizon.

The most uncomplicated travel includes destinations not requiring much more from travelers except perhaps proof of an onward ticket. Last minute Europe vacations require little more than the proper travel documents. There are few to no countries that require vaccinations any more than the standard shots. Food is abundant and usually delicious, and lodging ranges from vacation rentals to beach houses to hotels and resorts, to quaint bed and breakfasts and guesthouses.

Airfare, car rentals, and accommodations can be easily purchased separately or through a vacation package in last minute trips to Europe, creating endless options and price ranges to choose from, including both last minute luxury trips and cheap last minute trips. In Spain, the incredible range of things to do is very appealing to all ages. Spain aligns with Italy in what it has to offer, and then some. The breathtaking Alhambra, Barcelona, and Madrid, as well as top-rate golf, are a few of the best things about Spain, not to mention the cache of historic buildings.

Whether last minute Europe vacations take you to the Greek Islands or London, England, be sure to prepare as well as possible as time ticks on. Emergency passports can be issued in most countries for an additional fee, so if your passport is expired, have no fear. Snatch up those jaw-dropping deals for last minute trips to Europe but be sure to purchase trip cancellation and medical insurance because losing a couple of hundred dollars versus a couple of thousand is quite a difference.

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