Last Minute Flights

Depending on your vacation destination and the time of year that you're traveling, finding cheap last minute airfare can be a challenge. If you're flexible about your flight times and prepared to travel at a moment's notice, you can land some great deals on last minute flights.

One of the most important things you can do when finding a cheap flight at the last minute is be flexible. Not only should you be flexible about the time and date of your flight, but you should be flexible about the airline you fly on as well as the number of layovers and plane changes required. You should also be prepared to take early morning flights and red-eyes. By using the travel widget above, you can compare prices on cheap last minute airfare as well as last minute accommodation.

If you're having trouble finding cheap flights at the last minute, consider finding an inexpensive last minute vacation packages that combine airfare, accommodations, and hotels. That way, you'll spend much less on travel than you would by booking your airfare and hotel separately.

If you're a student or between the ages of 18 and 22, you may be able to find last minute airfare and tours for students. There are many organizations that specialize in student travel throughout the United States and Europe, and many airlines offer special student discounts.

You can find cheap last minute airfare by avoiding flying during major holidays. For example, the most expensive days to travel are the day before Thanksgiving and the following Sunday. If you can avoid traveling on these days, you'll likely save a great deal of money on last minute airfare.

Sometimes, flying out of nearby airports can save you a lot of money on last minute flights. If you live in a large city such as Chicago or New York, you might find cheap last minute flights departing from airports that you might not be familiar with. Even if these airports are out of the way and require some extra driving, the extra money you save on your flight might make it worth the trouble.

Flying mid-week is a great way to find a cheap flight at the last minute. For example, if you depart on a Monday and return the next Monday, you can usually save a significant amount of money on your flight than if you were to fly out on a Sunday and return the following Sunday.

Whether you're looking for flights for beach getaways at the last minute or you're going on a cruise, you can find some great deals on last minute airfare by being flexible and following a few tips.

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