Last Minute Mediterranean Travel

Last minute Mediterranean travel can mean traversing the Mediterranean Sea or skirting one or more coastlines for the best of several destinations. Visiting the Mediterranean via cruise is one of the most popular ways to see the area, and for good reason; Mediterranean cruises tend to be as abundant as all inclusive resorts the world over, meaning ample choice in packages, time frames, and service levels for one cost instead of many. Last minute vacations to the Mediterranean by cruise definitely have advantages, making them one of the most hassle free ways to go.

Seeing Europe’s southern region by cruise is a fantastic choice. Rich culture, striking scenery, and history abound as cruises set sail from port to port, offering a comprehensive look at some of Europe’s top destinations. Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Cannes, and more can be seen during last minute Mediterranean holidays. Major travel web sites, including the booking widget located right on this page, book cruise packages just as they book hotel blocks in major vacations spots. If the time period hits and the cruises aren’t sold, prices drop significantly to pique potential buyer interest, making this one of the best options for last minute vacation deals.

Greece, Portugal, and Turkey are top spots to visit during a Mediterranean cruise. Last minute vacations to the Mediterranean by cruise ship can also include hotspots such as points in Italy, and the ever-illustrious Monte Carlo in Monaco. Be flexible with dates if possible, and any connecting flight times, and a great package will surely be available. Be ready to make concessions with destinations and accommodations, but don’t settle for too much less than desired. High expectations can yield disappointment in last minute travel scenarios so remain open-minded and optimistic.

If it’s a cruise you’re after, look at all cruise ports on specific trips before deciding on last minute Mediterranean travel. Last minute Mediterranean travel via cruise might mean a deal that includes five star accommodations and food at an unbeatable price. This last minute luxury vacation could mean a dream trip you might otherwise never take. Or, you may find the perfect itinerary that stops in Lisbon, Cannes, and Livorno and offers exciting shore excursions, but just doesn’t offer the specific room you want. It might be well worth taking the room to get an ideal port itinerary and make do with less room or luxury. When deciding between last minute Mediterranean holidays, take a look at what’s on where and maybe you’ll hit a great festival or major celebrations along the way.

Independent travel is always a possibility, and for those with a relentless sense of adventure, going solo in a Mediterranean country can be a fulfilling way to travel. Maybe driving one of the beautiful coastal areas has always been a dream that could come to fruition during last minute Mediterranean holidays. Rental cars are often available at the last minute at most airport, but you may pay a bit more than you would with an advance booking. International driver's licenses are not difficult to obtain from agencies such as AAA in the US. For some people, planning a last minute trip can seem more like a headache, but it will be what you make it. Take a desired region for a last minute European vacation and begin preliminary research. Check out the top things to do and see, find out about types of food, look for preferred activities available like golf or spas, and start narrowing it down.

Another excellent way to get around the Mediterranean at the last minute, or any time, is to look into the many budget airlines that operate in Europe. Catching a flight into a major hub such as London will allow you to get a cheaper price on getting to Europe, and then utilize the discounted ticket prices on airlines such as EasyJet and Ryan Air to hop around many popular Mediterranean destinations from Ibiza to Mallorca to Greece.

Though Mediterranean travel is possible throughout the year, the months of April to November offer the best conditions in the area. Seven to fourteen night cruises are most widely available while last minute vacations to the Mediterranean traveled independently can be planned in pretty much any timeline, but be wary of the weather if you’re counting on certain outdoor activities such as hiking in the Mediterranean islands.

Some of the top-rated areas for last minute Mediterranean travel include Venice, Athens, and Rome for their dense history. Both Monte Carlo and Ibiza are the trend-setters. Istanbul still airs a feel of exoticism and can be a wonderful place to visit. If cruising, try to find an overnight or two in one of the Mediterranean ports. Perhaps some beach time is all you need. Beach resorts like Majorca, Rhodes, Corsica, and Santorini each offer a dreamy spot to soak in the sun, sand, and sea.

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