Last Minute South America Travel

Last minute South America travel is as exciting as a trip planned for many months. The thrill of figuring out where to go is second to none. When there’s time to plan, travelers have time to ponder what to do, where to do it, and any budgetary limits for either a last minute cheap vacation or a last minute luxury trip. With a last minute trip to South America, possibilities are almost limitless, but there can definitely be an element of frustration as sometimes specific options are more limited. It depends on what’s happening in the tourist industry at the time. Plenty of factors will have a bearing on a last minute South America vacation, but the most predominant could be availability. Flexibility is the key.

The best last minute vacations include finding flights, hotels, and other amenities. If there’s a specific hotel or tour desired and it’s available, often the biggest bonus is it will be cheaper than usual. Peru is high on the radar in South America. Visiting Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and other Incan ruins is one of the tried and true things to do in Peru. Tours most often lessen in price as tour dates grow closer. This is the perfect time to snag a deal and experience Peru’s rich history. Since traveling to Peru can be expensive—because the remoteness of a lot of travel within the country often requires guides and tours—getting a deal is a welcome bonus.

A last minute South America vacation can be planned in a variety of ways. Independent reservations are the most popular way to arrange travel. Booking a flight often spells out where the first night or so will be spent. Move on to booking a hotel, resort, or guesthouse. Look for last minute deals and discounts for preferred accommodation and you’ll likely have luck. Try the booking widget on this page to compare deals for flights, hotels, and more over several travel booking sites. Traveling to explore Fish Island and the salt flats at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is a great way to enjoy last minute South America travel. These attractions can best be explored during the dry season, from July through November, but can also explored in the rainier months, which generally ends up being significantly cheaper.

Last minute trips to South America during the dry months could be more expensive than in the rainy season, from December to June. That isn’t completely cut and dry though. Sometimes, if the patience is there, plenty of research can yield great deals in both high and low periods. Diving in Belize is a world-famous experience—the Blue Hole is one of the most magnificent natural wonders in the country. Traveling to Belize for last minute South America travel could mean picking up an inexpensive vacation package with a few tours attached. Many divers say the Blue Hole is best explored in dry season, which is basically aligned with Peru’s seasons depending on exact location. Booking tours, hotels, and transportation independently of each other can also bring in hefty discounts during last minute trips to South America.

Some of the top places for last minute trips to South America include Buenos Aires, the Amazon jungle, and Cartagena Columbia. Argentina is a leader in continental tourism. Such amazing places as rough and wild Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, as well as Iguazu Falls are more ideas to consider when arranging last minute travel.

There are many destinations ideal for a last minute South America vacation. Some people feel hiring a travel agent is the way to go because of their vast experience and excellent performance in producing a solid itinerary in limited time. Others simply jump into planning on their own and see what’s available. Each traveler has their own limits and this is purely a personal choice. Since myriad options can feel overwhelming, a travel agent can offer a clear and concise explanation of the bottom line.

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