Last Minute South Pacific Vacation

Last minute South Pacific vacation options might just offer your dream trip. The South Pacific is widely regarded as a very expensive destination, mainly because of its distance from almost everywhere else. It is also commonly thought of as a world of luxurious options, with images conjured of magnificent Fijian resorts floating on crystal-clear ocean water, flanked by private, ocean-side bungalows with private butlers and the works. Though this image can certainly become a reality, last minute trips to the South Pacific might make the dream come true with deeply discounted rates for what would otherwise be last minute luxury vacations. Fiji is just one of the many wonderful islands to be added to a South Pacific journey.

The South Pacific is home to a bounty of islands teeming with clear skies, tropical beaches, swaying palms, and abundant wildlife. From a last minute Australian vacation to exploration of the beautiful Philippines, possibilities are endless. There’s excellent deep sea diving amid stunning reefs, full-service resorts offering exquisitely indulgent amenities, and plenty of activity along the water. Tahiti, and its main town of Papeete, is an especially dreamy destination filled with things to do. Part of French Polynesia, the rich cultural aspects of Tahiti and the surrounding islands are often a surprise to first-time visitors. Plenty of history and natural beauty make the Bass, Austral, Marquesas, Gambier, and Society islands an incredible place to chose for a last minute South Pacific vacation.

Though the South Pacific can seem like an intimidating destination because of its remote location and expansive distance, it can be an ideal place to head because of the availability of last minute vacation deals. Normally expensive flights come down in price for last minute trips to the South Pacific, a part of any trip that can eat up a large portion of travel resources. Anyone with a limited amount of time should opt in for just one destination. A vacation package can be the perfect way to curb added spending and offer a look at the bottom line before taking off. An all inclusive package does one better so travelers know what exactly what they’ll be spending. Don’t miss options for added activities that often appear before you finalize your payment.

A last minute Australian vacation is a popular choice when there’s limited time to make decisions. The country is simply one of those many want to visit, but never make it over. A last minute trip evokes a sense of adventure and Australia is just the place to tap into that. A hop, skip, and a jump gets you over to New Zealand where the adventure continues. Dual-country vacation packages are extremely popular. A last minute Australian vacation can yield unbelievable rates for flights and tours as well as accommodation. See Uluru, snap up a cheap beach rental, take a tour of Sydney Harbour, or dive in the famous Great Barrier Reef. The Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Island, and other top attractions in New Zealand are also must-see places that can come at a very fair price.

Guam is another lesser-know vacation spot ideal for a last minute South Pacific vacation. Whether other plans fell through or you’re traveling on a whim for a last minute tropical vacation, a getaway to Guam is sure to be memorable. Guam tours are a good way to go in this far-off South Pacific Island. Or, a vacation package is another option offering boatloads of convenience. Fishing tours, ocean cruises, and diving are all popular activities that can be purchased at lower-than-average-prices for last minute trips to the South Pacific. Vacation packages at one of the beach resorts here help you combine last minute details and save on time.

Often a little spontaneity goes a very long way. An exotic trip to the South Pacific can do wonders for the soul. It may not exactly be an ideal weekend getaway, but with little more than a week or so to escape, anyone can find something to love about the islands. Be sure not to settle on the first deal that seems too good to be true. Often times there are myriad comparable packages or rates for individual amenities. If you don’t have the time to delve into all the possible scenarios, employ an experienced travel agent or an adept friend, or consult a national newspaper’s travel section for hot deals.

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