Last Minute Summer Vacations

Last minute summer vacations might seem overwhelming to even the most experience vacation planners, but they’re a great way to save money on a summer trip that might otherwise be out of your budget, and there are a few tricks and strategies to use in order to do what you can ahead of time and deal with any obstacles right before departure. Planning an overseas trip as a last minute vacation, for instance, may require a bit of extra notice, but if you have your passport renewed ahead of time and know roughly when you might be going, it’s possible to have plenty of packing and other preparations done as well. Last minute summer deals can save vacationers a lot of money, which leaves more to spend on attractions, souvenirs, or extra nights at a hotel.

If you’re wondering how to plan a last minute summer vacation, the first thing to do is make a budget. This helps immediately eliminate anything that might be too expensive, and it can help you choose a few possible destinations as well. The second step is to choose where you’d like to go and start comparing rates for transportation, accommodations, and hotels, such as through the booking widget on this page. You might be surprised at the number of great last minute trips you can plan.

The Caribbean is a surprisingly great spot for last minute summer vacations. Cruises, for instance, often drop their rates very close to the date of the ship’s departure, as they try to fill as many rooms as possible, even with lower rates. If you’re ready to depart from one of the cruise ports in Florida, for instance, you may be able to book a Caribbean cruise vacation as little as a few days or a week in advance. Caribbean resorts are also great for last minute summer deals, as you can book through resort chains at a discount rate and they’ll send you to whatever resort has rooms on those dates—if you like spontaneity and are happy to be surprised about whether you’re going to the Virgin Islands or the Dominican Republic for instance, this is a great option if you’re wondering how to plan a last minute summer vacation.

Road trips are some of the best options for last minute summer vacations, as you can choose your destination and book motels en route with very little advance notice. State parks and national parks, such as Acadia, Bryce Canyon, and the North Cascades, offer some of the prettiest scenery on the planet and they’re perfect for last minute trips, as many have campgrounds that often don’t take reservations and instead fill up on a first come, first serve basis. It’s also possible to change your itinerary at any time if you’re not certain what route you’d like to take to your destination or you want to add a side trip of a few days; these are two more reasons why road trips are perfect for spontaneous travelers.

For those who have a cheap summer vacation as the highest priority, there are plenty of ways to save plenty of cash on last minute travel—in fact, last minute summer deals are perhaps the best options for budget travelers. For instance, summer is the off-season in hotter destinations such as Hawaii and Las Vegas, and if you’re able to find vacation deals in either of these destinations, you’re in a great position to save some money on your trip. From the great outdoors to a cruise across the Caribbean Sea last minute vacation deals can help put a summer trip within your budget that you might never have though possible.

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