Last Minute Tickets

Many people who are planning vacations at the last minute find the cost of theater and concert tickets off-putting. Even if you do find a good deal on hotels or flights at the last minute, it can cost hundreds of dollars to bring your family to the newest Broadway shows. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on last minute theater tickets in cities such as New York and London. If you don't mind getting to the theater or event early, you can find great last minute ticket deals to some of the hottest shows and performances.

One way to find last minute theater tickets is to simply show up at the theater an hour or two before the show starts and see if the theater has any extra seats available. Most theaters sell their remaining seats for a fraction of the price you would pay if you were to buy a regularly priced ticket. You might even get lucky and get a seat near the stage, depending on whether or not there are any of these seats available. Since the remaining open seats before a performance tend to be in groups of two or three, it's usually easier for small families and couples to get last minute ticket deals. However, if you don't mind splitting up your group throughout the theater, your entire tour group and family can get last minute tickets.

Theater performances such as concerts, plays, and musical performances can be quite expensive on the opening night. You may be able to get last minute ticket deals on your favorite performance by avoiding buying tickets on the opening night or on weekends. Many theater companies offer last minute theater tickets on weekday nights when fewer people attend performances. If you show up at the theater immediately before a weekday performance, chances are you'll be able to score a couple last minute theater tickets for a good price.

If you're having trouble finding last minute tickets for your performance of choice, see if the production has a dress rehearsal that the public can attend. Some productions hold rehearsals that the public can attend for free or for a very low price. Although many people want to see the "real thing," attending a dress rehearsal provides a good opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes in a theater production. You may have a better opportunity to speak to the performers and find out more about the process they go through to create a play or a concert. In many cases, rehearsals are identical to the actual performances.

If you're a student at a University, you might be able to get significant discounts at the theaters around your community. Most colleges have their own theater departments that put on regular performances. Check with your school's theater to see what kinds of performances they have planned and whether or not they provide discounts on last minute tickets. If the theater performance you want to see is in another city, you may want to look into last minute travel to that city by using the booking tool on this page.

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