Last Minute Tropical Vacation Spots

Last minute tropical vacation spots span the globe and are located in cities, towns, islands, and even cruises. The best last minute tropical vacation might be sitting under a cabana and reading a good book as the sun shines down, enjoying a Hawaiian beach, or enjoying a cruise that stops at ports in many sun-filled destinations. A last minute island vacation to generally expensive spots such as Fiji or the US Virgin Islands can become much more affordable when booking close to your vacation time.

One of the most popular last minute tropical vacation spots is Mexico. Mexico is brimming with sun-soaked coastlines filled with every kind of resort imaginable—from small, boutique resorts to sprawling resort hotels to great all inclusive deals that can save you time at the last minute. The Mayan Riviera, along Mexico’s eastern coast, is a great place to travel for those with a sense of adventure as well as a need to relax. Mayan ruins including Tulum and Coba are ideal for anyone hoping for a day trip or two to get out of resort-ville and explore some of the area. Other popular last minute tropical vacation spots in Mexico include Cancun, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, and Puerto Vallarta. A last minute island vacation in Mexico is possible on the island of Cozumel.

Hawaii is another heavy hitter for tropical island vacations, and one that can serve well at the last minute. Numerous resorts are found on all of the islands, from Big Island to Maui to Kauai, as are a plethora of vacation packages and all inclusive deals. These kinds of travel packages allow last minute Hawaii vacations to have minimal planning The sheer number of beaches and activities on the Hawaiian islands also ensures there is something for just about anyone.

One of the best last minute tropical vacation spots in Central America is Costa Rica for its rich, natural diversity, plentiful eco-tours, and mesmerizing beauty. Other choices include Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, and even Panama, which is really picking up speed as a sunny destination. Note that heading into the summer months means heading into rainy season in Central America. While sometimes rain is little more than a few short showers, hurricanes and other tropical storms can fly in without warning putting a damper on vacations. Beach fans might want to research some of the best beaches in the area, which makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for on a last minute Central America vacation. If booking an all inclusive trip, which can be the best last minute tropical vacation plan for the cheap prices available, be sure to research the types and number of onsite restaurants and what snacks and drinks are included, as this can have a big impact on a getaway, especially if kids are involved.

Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica are extremely popular destinations for a last minute island vacation, as are many islands in the Caribbean. Most offer heavy discounts or no-charge accommodations for children under certain ages. These islands are best-known for their all inclusive packages, yet island hotels don’t have to be booked in that manner. If you can’t find a suitable package, a select number of travel companies allow for creating a customized package on a last minute Caribbean getaway. By combining several travel amenities, travelers are afforded deals and discounts on the entire purchase price. Don’t miss out on tours and activities that might be offered at deep discounts. Many of these can be added in to a customized package as well as a pre-packaged one.

Last minute Asia vacations are another possibility for anyone searching out a warm, sunny destination with the option of many things to do. Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines have all gained a reputation for their beauty, wonderful cuisine, and affordable rates. Flights can end up being the biggest chunk of a last minute island vacation in Asia but hotels, car rentals, and food tend to be lower in price than many other tropical spots.

Choosing a country, or even just a continent, is a great way to narrow down a search. Other ways to look for deals on last minute tropical vacation spots is to choose between pre-packaged deals offered by most travel and tour companies. When it isn’t the location, but the sun, sand, and surf that matter most, this can be a great way to get a break and enjoy the tropics.

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