Luxury Cruise Vacations

Luxury cruise vacations are perfect for travelers seeking both the royal treatment and the best options for a completely stress-free vacation. Dozens of luxury ocean liners are now available on cruise vacations around the world, each offering its own unique style and itineraries. Before making the final reservation, be sure to look into what to expect on a luxury cruise, as different cruise lines might have different standards of luxury, but in general, you can expect a 5-star hotel on the water, as ships are becoming increasingly elaborate and adding new amenities all the time. The top luxury cruises vary based on an individual traveler’s tastes, but there are some things that will be constant across the board.

Many vacationers think of luxury as being surrounded by plush furnishings and getting quality room service, but luxury on an ocean liner is all this and more, from high-quality staterooms to five-star cuisine, beautiful swimming pools, and even on-board golf courses. While each vessel offers a varying selection of amenities, accommodations, and experiences, there are several features to note that are singularly included on luxury cruise ships and are not likely to be encountered on any run of the mill cruise liners, such as the inevitable plush room with a view, which can almost always be upgraded to a balcony suite. Luxury cruise lines pay attention to the little details by supplying guests with quality toiletries, robes, slippers, in room amenities, and superior construction materials, such as marble and stainless steel.

Most important, luxury cruises are not limited to individual destinations, as there are beautiful ships traveling to destinations around the globe. It’s possible to take a cruise to Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean—the Greek Islands are especially popular—or the South Pacific, and even through the Panama Canal. In addition to the well known lines, such as Royal Caribbean, there are many smaller cruise lines operating as well, and these often specialize in intimate, luxurious trips. Among the top luxury cruises, these cruise lines offer some of the best ships in the business; they include Silversea Cruises, SeaDream Yacht Club, Crystal, Paul Gauguin, Seabourne, Regent Seven Sea, Windstar, Orion, Uniworld, and Hebridean Island Cruises, which was even hosted Queen Elizabeth II on a voyage.

The Caribbean Sea is in particular quite a popular destination for many travelers, and several of these lines offer passage to a variety of locations throughout the islands. The best luxury cruises in the Caribbean transport passengers to several exotic and secluded ports, including stops on private islands that cheap cruise vacations don’t include. They may include popular ports in the Bahamas and Jamaica, but they’re also more likely to head into the southern portions of the Caribbean Sea for a look at the untouched nature of the region, such as on the island of Dominica. SeaDream, Windstar, and Crystal are among the lines offering some of the best luxury cruises in the Caribbean.

Spending the extra money for that step up to a luxury cruise may be just what you’re looking for if all you want to do on your vacation is relax and have someone else take care of the logistics. Since everything about luxury cruise vacations is high-quality, you’re sure to get your money’s worth, even if the price tag is high. From the Mediterranean Sea to the beautiful glaciers off the coast of Alaska, luxury cruise vacations offer an in depth, over the top encounter for all passengers for quite a memorable encounter with the world’s waters.

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