Luxury Vacations

Luxury vacations have never been easier to plan, with so many newly plush destinations and upscale hotels to choose from. There are tourist destinations all over the world that can offer top-quality accommodations and amenities for the luxury-seeking traveler—it all depends on where you want to go. Whether it is a spring break trip, a winter escape, or a summer beach getaway, travelers will be pleased with the options for high-class trips, including upscale island resorts, cruises, and urban luxury hotels. Lavish vacations do cost more, but if you’re seeking the best in holiday retreats, be prepared to spend a little extra or to look around for vacation packages and off-season deals that can save you money.

If you’re planning to stay in the continental US, Sedona Arizona is one of the best destinations for a luxury trip. There are many luxury resorts and spas, including the famous Enchantment Resort. In addition to the usual luxurious lodging, this option is uniquely family-friendly. For instance, there is a popular program called Camp Coyote, which offers entertaining activities around the Sedona area, including nature trails around Boynton Canyon, hikes, and scavenger hunts. The resort is located five miles away from the city in lovely Boynton Canyon. The Coconino National Forest surrounds the resort and is famous for the ancient ruins of the Native American civilizations that were found here. With Enchantment and other excellent resorts to stay at, Sedona is one of the best luxury vacation spots in the US if you’re looking to keep your travel distance to a minimum.

If you’re willing to add a plane ticket to your trip, then the Hawaiian islands are always among the top luxury vacation spots, no matter what season you’re traveling. Maui is a dream destination for luxury seeking travelers, as there are excellent resorts, high-class shopping destinations such as Whalers Village, and excellent activities, such as snorkeling and paddleboarding, as well as some of Hawaii’s best beaches. For instance, the Ritz Carlton resort in Maui, located in Kapalua, is one of the most popular places to stay. The Ritz is famous for its Ritz Kids day camp, which includes camping and hiking for the children, in addition to having beautiful rooms and suites. The resorts in Lahaina, such as the Royal Lahaina, are also popular and reliably some of the best places to stay.

Another popular option for getaways is a luxury cruise vacation—this is a good way to enjoy your holidays and focus only on relaxing. Popular cruise lines offer beautifully luxurious cabins and plenty of entertainment, including dining options, dance and music shows, swimming pools, spa treatments, and gift shops, in addition to shore excursions. The Caribbean is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, and dozens of cruises leave every day from the cruise ports in Florida for a trip through the islands. Mexico is also becoming a popular cruise destination as well, so if you’re looking for a trip to Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta, this might be the perfect way to get there.

Winter is one of the best seasons to plan your luxury holidays, particularly if you’re sick of the cold. Why not head to the southern hemisphere for an extra summer? The city of Rotorua in New Zealand is one of the best tourist destinations for luxury winter holidays. It is famous for hot thermal springs, natural geysers, and unique mud pool, and there are plenty of luxury accommodations in the area that offer a range of activities and day trips to the city’s tourist hot spots. For instance, the Treetops Lodge and Estate is one of the best luxury vacation spots for its high-class accommodations, range of activities, and access to some of New Zealand’s best vineyards.

Whether you choose to head to Hawaii, the Caribbean, New Zealand, or one of the luxurious destinations in Europe—Italy and Greece are particularly popular—you’re sure to find plenty of opportunities to relax in a 5-star setting. Most travelers are on a budget, but by looking for bargains, planning a domestic vacation, and choosing up-and-coming destinations, it’s possible to get an amazing amount of luxury for your money.

Luxury Beach Vacations

Luxury Beach Vacations

Luxury beach vacation spots are as numerous and varied as there are places on the planet. While most people think of tropical luxury vacations on idyllic islands like Fiji or Tahiti, you will find luxury beach trip destinations in colder climes and cosmopolitan cities as well. The possibilities include the traditional and elegant Wauwinet on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, and most of these luxury vacation spots are best visited during the North America summer.

Other more seasonal luxury beach vacation spots include the Greek Islands. You can enjoy the best of pampering available on these islands on Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini. On Crete, the largest number of luxury beach trip destinations will be found around Elounda on the far eastern tip of the island, where you will find about ten properties offering exclusive rooms, suites, and villas overlooking the blue Mediterranean. The island with the best party atmosphere for a luxury Mediterranean vacation is Mykonos, and you can choose to enjoy this at the unique Cavu Tagoo with its opulent rooms, suites, and villas overlooking the sea. You can also choose luxurious accommodations around Hurghada Egypt, offering the best luxury beach trips for Red Sea scuba diving.

But people who think of the best luxury beach trips are usually envisioning the exotic locales of the tropics. This also is a vast area that encompasses some of the best beaches, most cosmopolitan cities, and remote island retreats in North America and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. You can stay in total comfort in Cairns on the north coast of Australia for the best access to the incomparable Great Barrier Reef. Or you can head to the exotic Spice Island of Zanzibar and the Seychelles off the coast of Tanzania for incredible Indian Ocean scuba diving.

Luxury beach vacation spots in the South Pacific evoke some of the most romantic images, and these islands are extremely popular for destination weddings and honeymoon getaways. You can try Tahiti or Bora Bora for the best luxury beach trips in overwater bungalows. These islands are renowned for this type of accommodation, as the experience at the Four Seasons Bora Bora can show you. You may never leave your exclusive bungalow set on stilts above the water, but if you do, you will find fine dining options, tennis courts, a full-service spa set on a serene lagoon, a fitness center, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. You can even book a breathtaking private helicopter ride over the island.

For tourist from the United States, there are scores of luxury beach trip destinations in the southern Caribbean. Try the Cap Juluca on Anguilla, where you are apt to be rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elite. This resort is so exclusive that it offers its own Gulfstream jet flights from your home city in the United States. If you are interested in high stakes gaming, you can try the casino resorts on Paradise Island or Nassau Bahamas. Vacations at beach resorts that have legendary gaming are also possible on the legendary Riviera in the south of France. There are gorgeous hotels in Cannes, Nice, and the tiny Principality of Monaco that give you access to one of the oldest and most famous casinos in the world.

Luxury Las Vegas Vacations

Luxury Las Vegas Vacations

Luxury vacations to Las Vegas are possible on a budget, even in some of the top end hotels and resorts including the magnificent Wynn and the classic Bellagio, two of the most luxurious hotels in the city and both located right on the Strip. There are several reasons for this. The point of the city is gaming, and hotels make their money not on luxury Las Vegas trips but on their casinos, making this the place for the best luxury vacations on a budget. With around 125,000 hotel rooms available, competition for guests is fierce. With that many hotel rooms, there are almost always vacancies, and virtually every hotel, including the luxury hotels, offer last-minute specials to fill them. So, you can be assured that you can enjoy a luxury vacation in Las Vegas even if you aren't a movie star.

But, with over-the-top luxury hotels everywhere, how do you get the kind of luxury vacations to Las Vegas that really do treat you like a movie star and give you a feeling of being special and elite? VIP is the answer. All of the luxury hotels, the best casinos, and the hottest Las Vegas shows have exclusive VIP services, VIP accommodations, VIP areas, and VIP insider access. Examples include the Signature MGM and the MGM Skylofts. Both offer all the public facilities of the MGM Grand as well as private pools, private entrances, private spas, and exclusive concierge services. The one-, two-, and three-bedroom condos can even be purchased and fully staffed with maids, butlers, and personal chefs. If your luxury vacation in Las Vegas will include Las Vegas shows, you can get backstage passes. If you need a private jet or a private limousine, or even a lift via private helicopter, those are all available. This kind of elite service costs money, and it is money that provides the kind of entry.

Even though a casino is never far away, not all luxury vacations to Las Vegas saturate you with the sights and sounds of casinos at every turn. The city is fairly compact and the wide open spaces of the great outdoors are not far away. There are a number of resorts that can provide a luxury vacation in Las Vegas concentrating on beautiful desert landscapes, serene gardens and pools, world-class gourmet dining, decadent spas, and world-class championship golf courses. Even right on the Strip, the Wynn has its own 18-hole golf course and the Four Seasons is a non-gaming haven of elegance and tranquility.

There are also luxury Las Vegas trips available a bit out of the city at expansive resorts including the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa, which is located south of the city and McCarren International Airport in the community of Henderson. Here, you are closer to Lake Mead National Recreational Area where you will find the monumental Hoover Dam and great fishing, boating, and other water activities.

If you want your luxury Las Vegas trips to include even more, you can book vacation packages that include everything from the flights from your home town and hotel accommodations to tickets for shows and other special events. Some of these vacation packages may also include other destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, or even Los Angeles.

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