Luxury Villas

Luxury villas offer an abundance of style and amenities. Sophisticated destinations around the world have stylish accommodations to match, some along the beach and others in the heart of thriving cities. Spending a week at a luxury villa in Bali or a weekend at one of the Caribbean villas will lead you away from everyday cares and right into the heart of the good life, as well as situating you in private and spacious accommodations in your own villa rental.

Bali has long been associated with fine living. This small and lovely island, a part of Indonesia, continues to attract people with discriminating taste and a desire for an exotic vacation. When you make reservations at a luxury villa in Bali, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy unprecedented access to the island's beautiful beaches and thriving nightlife. Many of the luxury villas are equipped with private pools and private access to the beach, so you can enjoy the sand and sun with complete privacy. You won't have to worry about getting up early to stake out a place or crowds any other time of the day.

As is true for many island destinations, some of the finest luxury villas are part of oceanfront resorts. As a full-fledged resort guest, you'll have access to all of the amenities, including spas, restaurants, and concierge service. On the same vacation, you can retreat into a private world at a luxury villa in Bali and enjoy plenty of peace and quiet. It's truly the best of both worlds. At the Lavender Bali Villa & Spa, thirteen poolside villas offer a place to relax away your cares. You'll also have the chance to visit the spa, hang out in the pool, and experience the hospitality Bali is famous for; shuttles are available to take you to nearby Kuta and its beaches and shops.

St John, while half a world away from Bali, has many of the same draws: year-round warm weather, lovely tropical settings, and so much more. A part of the US Virgin Islands, St John is a popular place for wedding and honeymoons. Even if you're not a blushing bride, a romantic getaway at a St John luxury villa will be much appreciated. While you'll find plenty of beach villas, you can find luxury places to stay throughout the island.

Like the other Caribbean villas, the vacation rentals in St John are blessed with good weather in all seasons of the year. Whenever you decide to make reservations for a St John luxury villa, you can expect sunny days and pleasant weather. While it does rain from time to time, vacations are rarely washouts. Even relaxing on the porch of a St John luxury villas is something to savor. Along Great Cruz Bay, the Westin St. John Resort & Villas offers a luxury getaway and amazing scenery. More than 140 villas overlook the bay, each with an apartment-style layout and island decor. Beyond the villas, the resort offers a fitness center, lighted tennis courts, and shopping, along with a spa.

When vacationers choose luxury villas in St John, neighboring St Croix, or somewhere else, they have access to even more space than typical vacation accommodations. Many villas have multiple bedrooms and more square footage than the average home. You'll also have use a full kitchen, complete with appliances and dishes and everything needed to make a good meal. You'll have the chance to flex your cooking skills and taste the local cuisine; if you'd like to leave the cooking for a professional, you could arrange for a private cook to come to your villa and take care of meals. Housekeeping service is often include in the rental rate.

Carefree vacations are also available in Europe. Many luxury villas are clustered along the coast of the Mediterranean along Spain's Costa del Sol and the French Riviera. A luxury villa in Spain or France will allow you the chance to soak in the sun and the views while enjoying quiet and comfortable accommodations. Mediterranean villas, like those in St John, experience sunny days in all four seasons.

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