Mediterranean Beach Vacations

Mediterranean beach vacations are wildly popular, and it's very easy to understand why. The region is home to numerous strips of sand that deserve a world-class rating, and found along many of these strips are inviting beach resorts. The sumptuous climate of the Mediterranean certainly doesn't hurt matters when it comes to the beach vacation possibilities, with summer being the best season for soaking up some sun on the coast.

Travelers are presented with a multitude of possibilities when planning Mediterranean beach vacations. In Portugal, for example, the southern Algarve region entices with its wonderful beaches, and neighboring Spain certainly isn't lacking in the sun and sand department. Thanks largely to Spain's location, it enjoys some of the warmest weather in all of Europe, and terrific beaches can be found along its many miles of coastline. On the mainland, visitors to Barcelona can indulge in some of the world's best urban beaches, and farther south along the Costa del Sol, the beach resort vibe is alive and well. There's also Spain's Balearic Islands, which include such hot spots as Mallorca and Ibiza.

France also gets its fair of visitors who are looking to treat themselves to fun and relaxing beach vacations. Along the famed French Riviera, some of the continent's most exclusive beaches can be found, and the French Mediterranean coast in general features strips of sand that are amazingly beautiful. One such example is Argeles Plage. This long stretch of sand is of a golden hue, and the waters that it meets are both clear and blue. Numerous facilities are available on the sand, and serving as a backdrop for it all are the high-rising Pyrenees Mountains.

Farther east, Italy has little trouble satisfying beach enthusiasts with its gorgeous strips of sand. Top beach vacation destinations include the rather rugged Amalfi Coast, the nearby Sorrento Peninsula, and the also close by island of Capri. High-quality beach resorts are found throughout the region, with the Amalfi Coast and Capri offering what are arguably some of the best beach resorts in the world.

Of course, no beach enthusiast who is trying to plan Mediterranean beach holidays should overlook Greece. Much like Italy, Greece claims some of the very best beaches in the region. Some are found on the mainland, though the Greek Islands are where true beach lovers will want to focus their sandy pursuits with islands such as Mykonos and Santorini among the most famous.

Twenty-one countries can claim some portion of Mediterranean Sea coastline, so travelers who wish to enjoy Mediterranean beach holidays are encouraged to consider all of the possibilities. Some time on the beach in Egypt can be a good way to switch things up after a visit to the Pyramids of Giza, and Turkey's strong tourism industry is largely bolstered by its seaside resorts. Croatia also deserves to get some attention for its beautiful beaches, not to mention its other great attractions, and the same can be said about Montenegro and Malta.

Plenty of great Mediterranean beach vacation packages are out there, and they can help travelers save both money and time. Some of the available travel packages are cruise packages, and it's not difficult to pair a Mediterranean cruise vacation with a Mediterranean beach vacation. Top rated beach destinations throughout the region are also popular ports of call on the cruise circuit, and the various cruise companies offer itineraries to suit a wide variety of budgets and interests.

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