Mediterranean Resorts

The Mediterranean resorts include numerous gems, and there certainly isn't a lack of interesting destinations in which to search for them. After all, the Mediterranean spans parts of three continents—Europe, Asia, and Africa. Also, no fewer than 21 countries boast a Mediterranean Sea coastline. Regardless of the country or the resort in question, the peak season in terms of tourism for the Mediterranean region is summer, though there really isn't a bad time to go.

Most travelers who are planning on staying at a Mediterranean resort opt to focus on European destinations. Spain and France both offer miles of Mediterranean Sea coastline, and they are among the most popular destinations in the entire region. In Spain, some of the best resorts are found in Barcelona and down south in the Costa del Sol region. There's also the Balearic Islands, which is where the renowned resort destination of Ibiza is among the possible spots to kick back and have some fun. As for France, its famous French Riviera region is where you will find some of the most exclusive Mediterranean resorts.

Other countries that travelers might keep in mind when searching for Mediterranean resorts are Italy and Greece. In Italy, the Amalfi Coast and the nearby island of Capri are good places to start when searching for a resort on the Mediterranean Sea, and destinations such as Taormina help to make Sicily an enticing option. As for Greece, the Athens area is home to resort properties that can make for excellent mainland bases, while islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete entice with their inviting beauty and their numerous resort hotels.

Turkey is just one more country to keep on the radar when trying to find a Mediterranean resort that fits your taste and preference. The seaside resorts on both the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas, are largely responsible for the country's strong tourism industry.

As for those who are interested in a North Africa beach holiday, Egypt is known for offering some of the best Mediterranean resorts. These resorts bring in travelers from around the globe and contribute to the country's important tourism industry. In fact, tourism and profits from the Suez Canal are where the Egyptian government makes most of its money.

There are Mediterranean resorts for virtually every budget, so travelers don't have to splurge on a five-star experience if they don't want to or can’t afford it—there are even budget hostels in many areas like Ibiza, Mallorca, and Greece. Also worth noting is the fact that it isn't difficult to find all inclusive resorts in the Mediterranean. Those looking to go the all inclusive route might also keep Mediterranean cruises in mind. Cruises in general are all inclusive, in that guests pay an upfront fee that covers accommodations, meals, and entertainment. Additional fees might be required for special onshore tours and excursions. They can also be paid in advance, thus leaving little for the cruise passenger to worry about once the ship embarks on its multi-stop journey.

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