Cruise Vacations to Mexico

Cruise vacations to Mexico are among the most popular cruise vacationss for North American travelers, especially those departing from the southeastern US. They also rank among the best cruise deals, because of the favorable exchange rate and generally low cost of traveling to Mexico. When choosing what cruise is right for individual travels, there are several factors to consider, including the itinerary, season, and whether you’d rather have a relaxing cruise or an adventurous vacation with lots of shore excursions. In addition to simply skirting the coast of Mexico and stopping at various ports along the way, visitors can make travel arrangements on cruises that also stop at some of the Caribbean islands or Central American hot spots, if they’re looking for a more varied experience.

Because cruise vacations to Mexico remain relatively close to home, the prices of these packages are often less expensive than the longer overseas cruises, such as Mediterranean cruise vacations. Vacationers with a limited amount of time can also take advantage of the close proximity for a shorter break, such as two- to four-day cruises that are excellent options for cheap trips. Cruise vacations to Mexico are also offered at the height of luxury for those who can afford it; many travelers will consider the immense advantages of luxury cruises worth the extra splurge. Regardless of the level of luxury, the best Mexican cruises offer visitors the chance to learn more about the culture and to experience the country first hand through tours and other types of excursions amidst the cities and the natural surroundings, which truly enhances the entire vacation.

One of the best things about Mexico cruises is the options for drastically different itineraries, based on whether you’re traveling on the west or east coast of the country. While Caribbean cruises that stop in Cancun or Cozumel are perhaps better known, a cruise to Baja might be the perfect way to explore a somewhat less touristy part of Mexico and see the beautiful Pacific destinations such as Zihuatanejo. If you’re departing from the West Coast of the US, then a cruise to Baja is also much more likely to be an option for a cheap vacation, as you won’t have to fly to Florida to start your vacation. If you’re planning to leave from Miami, Port Canaveral, or even Houston, then a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula and the Riviera Maya is likely to be the cheaper option.

The time of year is an important consideration when planning a cruise to Mexico and the surrounding areas. For many vacationers, season is everything, and the truth is that it can either make or break the fulfillment of personal desires. Peak traffic season results in high prices, large crowds, and more often than not, perfect weather, while on the other hand, the off-peak months are significantly cheaper but don’t guarantee the best possible temperatures, and are sometimes troubled by storms. However, travel during these months shouldn’t be avoided if you want to get absolutely the most for your money while on vacation.

Choosing the itinerary for cruise vacations to Mexico is simply a matter of choosing what you’d like to see in the country during your vacation. Many vacationers enjoy being the rich heritage on the western shores of Mexico and so choose itineraries that include such ports as Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. Among the best Mexican cruises are those that appeal to nature lovers; these are also the most abundant on the western shoreline, where visitors can explore the Sierra Madre, become sport fishers for a day or two, and hike through the unspoiled forests of the country on shore excursions. If you want to see the Mayan ruins in the country, then the best Mexican cruises are the ones that include stops in the Yucatan; these are also the top choices for travelers who want their trip to encompass more than one country, as it’s also possible to stop in Belize, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean.

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