Mexico Vacation Deals

Mexico vacation deals are a dime a dozen, but does that really mean every one is really a deal? For the most part yes, but if you’re searching for the lowest price possible for a mid-range level of comfort, there are plenty of places to look. The best Mexico travel deals can be both in popular resorts like Acapulco, and in more off-the-beaten-path locations such as Ixtapa and San Miguel de Allende. Getting off the path most traveled can bring about some surprisingly cheap deals on lodging to dining and many things in between. Traveling to the all-inclusive resorts on Mexico vacations is famous for requires another school of thought entirely.

Mexico Vacation Deals
Mexico Vacation Deals

A personal budget has a lot to do with the kinds of vacation deals you might look for. There are budget discounts, mid-range deals, and discounts on luxury Mexico vacation rentals and posh resorts with five-star ratings. The best Mexico travel deals will vary respectively. Resort-minded folks love finding vacation deals to Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and other famous Mexican beach resorts. These destinations are ideal for relaxing. It’s certainly possible to find tours and excursions, but some resorts make it very expensive to accomplish. To get the best deals, traveling in off season is the key for cheap lodging, Mexico tours, and more. Definitely avoid the time around spring break if you are looking for a good deal.

Scouring the Internet for Mexico vacation deals is the one way to go for vacation deals to Cancun and other resorts, but by using the booking tool right on this page, you can compare deals on all aspects of your travel plans with one simple tool. Some deals will combine just your flights and hotel room, saving you a bit of money and serving as a convenient way to book. But also watch for vacation packages with tours to Mayan ruins or more added in.

Some of the best Mexico travel deals are found outside of tourist resorts in thriving areas where culture and history are ingrained in everything. Guanajuato, Michoachan, and San Migeul de Allende may not sound like special places because they aren’t really included in mainstream Mexican tourism, however, these destinations can offer incredible experiences for progressive travelers. Besides, not everyone wants the white-sand-beach and cocktail-in-hand-24/7 Mexican vacation.

Art lovers will adore San Miguel de Allende while budget travelers will have an extra few compliments to add. A UNESCO World Heritage City situated high up in the alpine bajio region, San Miguel is filled with cultured charm and wild, natural beauty. Captivating architecture, a colorful art-filled landscape, and a mild climate year-round are main draws. Here it is possible to find vacation rentals for less than $500 per week, which goes hand-in-hand with cheap yet delicious food, and plenty of affordable things to do. Other interesting Mexican destinations outside crowded resort areas include Ixtapa, and Guanajuato, another UNESCO Heritage Site.

South of San Miguel is another major tourist area; Acapulco. Acapulco vacation deals are endless. From May through October, temperatures boil and from June through October, the rainy season hits. In Cancun, on the opposite coast, rainy season is typically from the middle of September to mid-November. It’s during these times that vacation deals to Cancun and Mexico are most prevalent. Most people read “rainy season” and run the other way, but in the season’s onslaught, it generally rains once a day for a short period with the odd all-day storm. Other cheap beach resorts and areas to visit on cheap Mexico vacation deals include Tulum, Merida, and Oaxaca, where Mexico’s genuine side shines through brilliantly and prices reflect those charged for locals rather than boatloads of US, Canadian, and European tourists.

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