Mexico Weddings

Mexico weddings have a long list of benefits. Many couples choose a destination wedding in Mexico because they are affordable, deliver consistent weather, and offer a great combination of culture and cuisine. If you’re dreaming of a beach wedding in Mexico, don’t wait for the summer season. It is possible to get married all year long on the shores of Mexico. Once you pick your resort and time of year, the only decision left to make will be to choose between a variety of enticing packages, and this is work you will be happy to do.

In recent years Mexico weddings have grown in popularity. For one reason, they are exotic and yet still close to home. While many couples may dream of a wedding in Hawaii, the reality of bringing friends and family thousands of miles from home may lose its appeal once you begin to do serious research. A destination wedding in Mexico will offer all the beach landscapes of Hawaii at a fraction of the price. The culture, language, music, and friendly nature of the locals are other bonuses for choosing to plan a beach wedding in Mexico.

Another reason Mexico weddings are increasing in popularity is the variety of couples they can serve. This country offers weddings for every budget, from the meager to the extravagant. While the quality of the resort and reception itself will vary, the quality of the landscapes will not. This is attractive both for budget travelers who want to plan a memorable wedding, as well as affluent travelers who want to plan a luxury wedding in an exotic place. By choosing Mexico it will also be possible to visit the wedding site and work with a wedding planner to ensure your preferences are met. With a faraway destination like Hawaii, it will be difficult to be hands-on while planning your wedding.

A destination wedding in Mexico can also be the beginning of your honeymoon. Whether you plan on staying at the same resort or exploring a different area of Mexico, you will be glad that your honeymoon will start right after your reception. Some couples also choose to embark on a cruise. A cruise—and many couples are especially interested in the adults only cruise variety—has the added benefit of seeing many different destinations during one trip. You also won’t encounter any of the hassle of traveling, as in essence, your hotel will be doing the traveling. There are many luxurious upgrades available that will make this cruise feel like a honeymoon.

A beach wedding in Mexico can be as large or small as you want. While traditional beach weddings are just a few friends and family, many weddings in Mexico today are more elaborate. Local wedding planners can help you execute as large or small an event as you want. The only choice left to make will be what part of Mexico, and what resort. From Cabo San Lucas to Cancun to the Mexican Riviera, there will be many tempting resorts for your big day. Whether you choose based on price, package, location, or some other factor, Mexico will prove to be an exciting and beautiful location for a wedding.

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