South America Travel Deals

South America travel deals bring tourists closer to authentic experiences where enthusiastic spirit, exciting adventures, and wonderful local cuisine all come into the picture. Known as a destination that’s easily discovered on a smaller budget than most other continents, South America vacation deals are a great way to curb costs and still enjoy rich, diverse vacations. From beaches in Venezuela to rainforests of Brazil and fascinating Inca history, South America offers modern travelers a choice in many delights.

For shorter periods, the best deals for trips to South America can be arranged via vacation deals found for anywhere from one country to continental tours. Vacation packages offer a wide choice of travel to South America. South America travel deals are easily found for vacations to Machu Picchu, whether it’s to hike to the Inca ruins yourself, or simply arrive at the end point without the arduous hike. Air and hotel packages are prevalent and available through travel agents, through adventure companies on the Internet, and even in newspapers once in awhile, but make sure to check out the booking tool on this page as it will help you compare deals across several travel sites. If your Inca adventure isn’t via independent travel, these packages not only save by combining amenities, they also generally offer a guide who will make sense of it all.

Vacation packages are also available for multiple destinations within South America. There are hundreds of South America vacation deals that provide a departure flight, intercontinental flights to various destinations like Panama City, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo, or a combination of other major cities filled with numerous, famous attractions. These kinds of deals provide insight into cultural and historical aspects with extras such as cooking classes, city tours, and dance shows. Scour deals, find some that are appealing, and compare value for dollar before a final decision.

The best deals for trips to South America also come during in-between tourist season, or shoulder season, which varies between countries. Though low season can be a great time to travel, things like hurricanes, unbearable heat, or torrential downpours can get the best of any traveler. Instead, take a look at mid-season, where the possible hordes of tourists are gone and prices reflect the decline in tourism. Around the middle of April, airlines often drop flights to both South and Central America. Hotels rates drop in tandem for even more savings. Just be sure to avoid major peaks at Easter and Carnival.

Some of the best deals for trips to South America are to less popular yet equally rewarding countries, including Bolivia, Ecuador, and many areas in Peru, which are very cost efficient. Finding a wide variety of cheap South America vacation deals to less popular countries is a bit trickier than finding a deal to say, Brazil, but it’s completely possible and often inexpensive comparably. Though lacking some in attractions, Paraguay is still an interesting and low-cost destination. If you’re planning to stay in hotels along the way, finding a cheap deal on the internet can also save a bundle in the end, especially if traveling in peak times.

Getting off the beaten path means access to lodging, dining, and transportation that is not priced as it is in more popular destinations where major demand means larger price tags. Taking the time, if you have it, to explore cities and towns in more depth will make an impact on your pocketbook too, as you acquire local habits and find dozens of ways to save day-to-day. Some of the best South America travel deals are found through local travel agents advertising cheap flights, bus trips, and cruises which are, more often than not, much cheaper than purchasing prior to departure.

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