South Pacific Travel Deals

South Pacific travel deals can create affordable options for vacations that often include some pretty expensive airfare. The first deterrent for many is the distance. Anyone based in North America, the UK, and even parts of Europe might find flights too expensive compared to other tropical destinations. Tropical vacations in the South Pacific have a special appeal. They offer some of the most sublime backdrops of all warm-weather places. The extreme natural beauty combined with luxurious accommodations, exciting activities, and top attractions create a destination many can only dream of. Whether you’re looking for the best vacation deals to Australia or an all inclusive trip to Tahiti, the many bargains available can see you on your way. Start by checking the booking tool on this page to compare deals and packages across several popular travel sites.

A top South Pacific vacation deal can be found by looking for discounts applying to special travel dates. The key to these great deals is the date itself, chosen strategically to fill holes in lodging at resorts and hotels, and to keep a slower-than usual travel period active. Sometimes these dates coincide with seasons some might deem undesirable, but before passing, be sure to find out more about the country’s weather patterns. The beginning and end of a generally undesirable time to travel, meaning too hot or too cold, can be just right for some. Some of the best vacation deals to Australia are found from October through March when temperatures soar. Yet there are plenty of people willing to deal with the heat to get low airfare, cheap Australia hotels, and low-priced car rentals.

From mid-April to the end of August is the best time to get a flight to Australia from North America. This timing coincides with excellent conditions for visiting the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Centre, and also the Top End, referring to Australia’s Northern Territory including Alice Springs and Queensland. During this period there is little rain and low seasonal temperatures making outdoor activity ideal. Vacation packages are a good way to go for active travelers who can pair cheaper flights with activities, lodging, car rentals, and more. Steer clear of Australia’s summer vacation time; late December to late January. You’ll be hard pressed to find a deal let alone the best vacation deals to Australia, and you’ll also contend with crowds, at-capacity-lodging, and amenities at top dollar.

The Cook Islands, Fiji, and Vanuatu are more choice destinations to explore when searching for South Pacific travel deals. A top South Pacific vacation deal is a deeply discounted package, with all air, hotel, and transfers included. If necessary, a car rental can usually be tacked on. The more luxury sought, the higher the prices will be. Certain destinations are definitely more expensive than others. Vacation packages can range from under two thousand on the Cook Islands to almost four thousand in Fiji for a paired flight and lodging per person when flying from New Zealand. Four and five night packages are also popular and offer a lower price for anyone on a stricter budget.

Free hotel nights are another very common example of South Pacific travel deals. Stay for five pay for three, stay for five and get one night free and so on. Discounts on each night stayed is another familiar bargain offered by the best Australia beach hotels, and even luxury Fiji and Tahiti resorts providing private villas spaced over crystal clear ocean water, the classic South Pacific image. Some travel companies offer fantastic discounts on resorts with outdated rooms and suites. Often the facilities are comparable to other, higher end resorts yet rooms will be basic rather than filled with luxurious details. The real bargain can come with the location, which can be close to the main town or city and the best beaches.

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