Spring Beach Vacations

Spring beach vacations are among the most popular travel options during the first warm-weather months following the winter. Many travelers are eager to hit the sand and soak up the sun to re-energize and warm up from the winter chills, and the variety of beaches for spring vacations makes travel easy and affordable. Since the majority of these hot spots are coming off the peak tourist season of winter, resorts and hotels offer stellar deals for those who wish to take advantage of them. The Caribbean, Florida, and Mexico are all great spots that offer springtime travel deals, and some can be found in Hawaii and California as well.

Often thought of as offering some of the best spring break beach trips, the Caribbean is home to a variety of islands that will suit the need of any traveler. One of the most popular spring beach destinations is the Bahamas. Offering miles of white and pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and luxury resorts; the Bahamas is an ideal spot to travel to during the spring.

Aruba and the Cayman Islands are also known for travel steals during this time. Both destinations offer a plethora of secluded beaches, a variety of excursions including sailing and snorkeling, and cheap rates at top hotels. If you are looking for a party atmosphere on the soft sand of an all-inclusive beach resort, look no further than the Dominican Republic. The best of the best spring break beach trips, this island offers safe resorts, unbeatable all-inclusive deals and plenty of nightlife; this is also a great place to look for last minute vacations if you can afford some flexibility with your travel dates or exactly where you stay.

Florida is also another spot to search for great spring beach vacations. The Sunshine State is the best to travel to during the spring with its mild temperatures and famously cheap flights (except during school break). The winter months here tend to be on the cool side and the summer months are quite hot, making the spring the ideal time to book your trip. With the majority of domestic US airlines offering cheap flights to all Florida airports, you can definitely find a great deal. Daytona Beach, Miami, Panama City, and the Florida Keys are all fantastic spots for a spring beach vacation, as are Siesta Key and Sanibel Island. With the beaches being the focus of these hotspots, there are infinite hotel deals, great restaurants and beach activities available.

Although Mexico is thought of having the best spring break beach trips for partiers, the sunny country also offers a variety of quiet, relaxing beach resorts as well. If you are looking for a party-centric beach spot, hit the popular spring beach destinations of Cancun, Acapulco, or Cabo San Lucas. With unlimited options for all-inclusive packages, loads of tequila and credenzas, and a variety of clubs, these are the places to hit for a fun time. Those looking for more relaxing spring beach vacations should check out the areas of Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. Both well-known spots, they boast clean hotels, beautiful stretches of beach and a more laid-back atmosphere than their counterparts.

The spring months are an ideal time to book a beach vacation, and with a little research it’s not hard to find a wide array of cheap deals available. Whether your spring vacation is a family trip, honeymoon, or romantic getaway, you’ll find plenty of options to relax in the sunshine and enjoy some time on the sand—it’s perfect if you need to relax.

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