Spring Vacation Ideas

Spring vacation ideas and possibilities are endless. Between the weather warming up in the majority of the continental United States and Europe and enjoyable temperatures in places like Mexico and the Caribbean, there is a nearly infinite list of destinations to choose from if you’re looking forward to a spring vacation to warm up from the winter blues. There are places to just relax on a white-sand beach, practice your golf skills on a lush championship course, or party hard at a spring break hot spot. With a variety of spring break ideas and hot destinations, and the majority of them boasting surprisingly affordable rates, no one should be left behind to shudder their way out of winter.

The United States has various options for those wanting to travel during the optimal spring months. From the go-to destinations of Florida to the sunny California coast, the United States offers great packages and offers some of the best places to spend spring break. Miami, Daytona Beach, and Panama City are some of the hottest spring break spots that Florida has to offer. With stretches of beach, plenty of clubs and restaurants and a party atmosphere, these sunny destinations see slews of college kids during the spring months. All three cities are just starting to warm up during the peak spring months and usually offer great packages on hotels and food. Miami has always been known for its hot people and great atmosphere but in the recent years, Panama City has come in a close second for one of the best places to spend spring break.

If you are looking for more relaxing spring vacation ideas, it’s worth visiting a destination such as the Florida Keys. The Keys also offer great spring break ideas to warm up after the winter chill. If you fancy a vacation of snorkeling, sunning on the beach, boating and exploring, you will find the Florida Keys have an abundance to offer. Key Largo is home to some of the best snorkeling in the United States and offers a laid-back atmosphere. Key West, known for its popular Duval Street and anything-goes attitude, is also an excellent choice. There are a slew of historical buildings, train tours, white-sand beaches, plenty of shops and restaurants and various activity rentals. Key West is an ideal destination for groups, families, spring breakers or singles just looking to have a good time.

California has more than its fair share of terrific destinations if you’re looking for some classic spring vacation ideas The Napa Valley wine country is beautiful in the spring, as is the city of San Francisco, and if you’re looking for slightly warmer temperatures, then the Southern California hot spots such as Disneyland, Santa Monica, and Catalina Island are well worth a visit. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for, whether it’s a family vacation or a cheap last minute getaway.

Aside from the US destinations, some of the best places to spend spring break are abroad, particularly in Europe. As it’s the shoulder season before the peak summer months, there are plenty of cheap vacations to be had in the British Isles and around the continent. A few days in England and Scotland, or a week in Ireland, can be had relatively affordably, and it’s also possible to get great deals on trips to the continent. If you’ve always thought about going to France or Italy, this might be the perfect time to check out the vacation deals and start planning your dream trip.

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