Spring Vacation Packages

Spring vacation packages are becoming more and more popular every year with large numbers of travelers wanting to warm up after the cold winter months. From the top spots for Florida vacations to the sandy beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean, getting a cheap spring break package is becoming the norm for many college students and other travelers. Springtime offers more pleasant weather, plenty of sunshine and outstanding accommodation and food deals. Resorts want to pull in the travelers during the shoulder season between winter and summer travel, and in order to do so, they post affordable packages for spring vacations.

Mexico is known for having slews of spring break travel deals. With the infamous reputation of being the spring break hot spot for partiers, it is hard to imagine that the majority of resorts wouldn’t offer some sort of spring deal. Although the majority of these cater towards college students who are anxious to get a break from the books, the later spring months tend to be popular with travelers seeking family trips or couples vacations. For instance, Cancun, arguably the first spring break spot on the map, offers options for a cheap spring break package that are hard to pass up. There is a range of hotels in Cancun, from luxury to budget-friendly, and the majority of them offer some sort of accommodation and food package during this time.

Also in Mexico, Acapulco and Cozumel run on the same spring break mentality that Cancun does. You will find some awesome spring break travel deals at these two hot spots no matter which time during the spring you go. Acapulco has recently sprung to the top of the spring break list and is all about cheap accommodation, food, party passes, and boozing all day long. The hotels are quite comfortable, nothing too luxurious, and include all-you-can-eat buffets for each meal. If you’re looking for a family destination or simply don’t want to party, Cozumel also offers some great spring break travel deals and is a bit more laid-back with a cleaner, more posh atmosphere. The hotels here are on the more expensive side but spring breakers will find some great all-inclusive rates for hotels that are much more expensive during other times of year.

The Caribbean is also a top spot for great spring vacation packages. Although most of the Caribbean islands offer year-round packages, places like the Dominican Republic and Jamaica tend to drop their prices during the spring months. The Dominican Republic has been a favorite spring break destination for many reasons. The slew of clean, safe resorts offering all-inclusive deals is enticing for those who are traveling on a budget. The majority of these resorts are located right on the beach with plenty of activities, nightlife and restaurants to keep everyone happy. Cheap airfare and cheap drinks also add to the appeal of the DR.

Jamaica is also a great place for finding a cheap spring break package. From Ocho Rios to Negril, Jamaica has become popular for its beautiful scenery, friendly locals and cheap prices. All of the major resort chains have resorts here, such as Sandals and Beaches, and spring travelers will be pleased to find some great deals no matter where they choose to stay. Although the more popular resorts tend to be a bit more expensive, it is definitely worth shelling out the dough for more amenities and a better all-inclusive package. There are also various other resorts that have beachfront property around the island and spring breakers will find some great spring vacation packages at these as well. The all-inclusive deals are the best and most of them include beverages and alcohol.

No matter where you choose to travel during the spring months, you will certainly come across a variety of affordable spring break travel deals. Although Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean are high on the list of destinations, it’s also possible to find cheap cruise vacations, European vacations, and even trips to Hawaii. It all depends on choosing your budget and doing a little research on what prices are available, such as through the booking widget on this page.

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