Summer Vacation Packages

Summer vacation packages are a great way to save both money and time on your trip, and they’re offered in a variety of styles, from cruise vacations to all inclusive resort getaways. Some of the best summer travel deals are found in packages that include transportation as well as accommodations, while others might just include food and accommodations and leave you to book your own transportation. It’s simply a matter of knowing where you want to go and reading the fine print for any package deal, and then you’re all set for what is sure to be an amazing summer vacation.

Cruise vacations are one of the best options for summer vacation packages, as many cruises are all inclusive or nearly so. Your package deal might not include airfare to the point of departure, but once you board the ship, your room, meals, and many services are included in the fee. Some shore excursions or extras such as spa treatments might cost extra, but it’s still an amazing deal. Alaska is a popular destination for summer cruise vacations, with most ships leaving from Seattle or Vancouver BC, but there are also dozens or cruises through the Caribbean departing each week from ports in Florida. If you’re interested in a more exotic cruise vacation, you can also look into a Mediterranean cruise, but this is likely to be significantly more expensive than the more local options, so it’s a better option for those planning luxury vacations.

All inclusive resort vacations are also some of the best summer travel deals, as they set you up for a totally stress-free holiday wherever you go. The Caribbean and Mexico are two of the most popular areas for all inclusive vacations, with many resorts including meals, rental equipment for snorkeling and other fun activities, and even child care, if you choose one of the family-friendly resorts in the area.

There are also summer golf vacation packages available at a variety of resorts around the world. Hawaii, for instance, is becoming a popular golfing destination, and there are also great courses in California, Florida, and abroad. If you want to combine a summer golf trip with some historic sightseeing, look into European vacations. Ireland and Scotland have some of the world’s best golf courses—and the oldest, if you go to St Andrews, Scotland—and they’re also great destinations to visit if you want to learn about European history or visit some of the world’s great cities, in London, Dublin, and Edinburgh. Summer golf vacation packages may not include entertainment or accommodations when you’re away from your primary golf destination, but it’s possible to combine a golf package in Ireland, for instance, with a few days spent elsewhere in the region if you don’t mind planning part of your own itinerary.

Summer vacation packages are also available for amusement parks, which are among the best destinations for a family vacation. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have some of the best summer travel deals around, which include accommodations and park admission at a discount, but many smaller parks around the country do as well, including Noah’s Ark Water Park in the Wisconsin Dells and Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. If you’re interested in finding a vacation package at a smaller theme park, it’s worth enquiring with the park about any discounts or deals they might have with local hotels.

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