Summer Vacation Destinations

Summer vacation destinations receive all the focus once the kids are out of school. Different families will have different vacation ideas about best summer trips, but one thing they should all have in common is quality family vacation time. From making smores over a campfire to eating ice cream on the beach, summer is the time to kick back and relax. If you’re looking to mix things up this year, check out ideas for the top 10 summer vacation spots. While prices may be high during the summer season, the memories of your vacation are definitely worth the price tag.

Among all summer vacation destinations, one of the most popular is the beach. From the Caribbean to the coastline right at home, families flock to the beach to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. The best summer trips don’t have to come with a big price tag. Often the most memorable trips are close to home and include a vacation rental where the whole family can relax. Beaches along the cost from Maine to Florida are home to excellent beaches where kids can play and parents can relax. Some of the top 10 summer vacation spots are those that offer a good amount of vacation rentals right on the beach, where you can enjoy barbequing and summer sunsets.

While there are many great beaches close to home, some people still opt for summer vacation destinations in the Caribbean. Escaping to the islands is wonderful just about any time of year (except hurricane season) and the summer is just as pleasant. Islands such as Aruba that are down near the equator don’t vary much in temperature all year long, so don’t be afraid that soaring temperatures will keep you inside with air conditioning. Vacation rentals and resorts (some all inclusive) are popular choices for families that want to escape to the islands in the summer.

Sometimes the best summer trips are the big splurges. A white water rafting adventure in Costa Rica, an excursion over a volcano in Hawaii, or a safari in Africa are all trips that won’t soon be forgotten. The appeal of summer for these splurge trips is that many people have flexible schedules during this season. Kids are off from schools and even the craziest jobs usually slow down during the summer months. While Europe during the summer might sound like a great idea, some travelers find that the crowds and heat make exploring the cities and sites difficult. Better times to visit Europe include for spring vacations and fall getaways.

Every family and individual traveler will decide on their own list of top 10 summer vacation spots. Some people love the action and gambling of Las Vegas, others want to escape summer heat in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado. From the steamy beaches of Malibu to the buzzing night clubs of Miami Beach, summer brings out the relaxed side of almost every destination. Whether you’re planning a city break in Chicago or a relaxing beach trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you will be glad to break free of your routine and enjoy a much-deserved summer vacation.

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