Thanksgiving Vacations

Thanksgiving vacations are extremely popular. This is easy to understand, as Thanksgiving is a major holiday and a time for friends and families to gather. Also, lots of American workers have both Thanksgiving Thursday and that following Friday off, which makes for a tempting extended weekend travel scenario. For those who are thinking of flying to their destination of choice, there are some things to note when it comes to Thanksgiving vacations. For starters, the longer you procrastinate, the harder it will likely be to find low-cost airfare. Roughly two months prior to Thanksgiving is usually the best time to shop for flight deals. Also, if you wait until the last minute to search for your Thanksgiving flight, the only thing you might end up finding is a red-eye that either arrives or departs on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Thanksgiving Day Vacation Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Vacation Ideas
Thanksgiving Day Vacation Ideas

For many people, celebrating Thanksgiving either means staying at home or going to the house of a friend or relative. For those who are interested in breaking the usual routine, however, there are plenty of other options for Thanksgiving vacations. Heading down to Florida for some quality time at the beach is an idea, and a Thanksgiving cruise can certainly be a break from the norm. The most popular Thanksgiving cruises are those that target the Caribbean. Most of these cruises embark from such East Coast cities as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. There are also options out of New Orleans and Galveston.

Other ideas for Thanksgiving vacations include heading to a major city to take in its Thanksgiving Day parade, booking a stay at a family-friendly country inn where someone else cooks the turkey, letting loose in Las Vegas, or dropping in on Disney World to revel in all of its holiday season splendor. If you are considering a trip abroad, the options aren’t limited to Caribbean cruises. Good deals on Thanksgiving airfare and lodging for London, England are often available, for example. Also, the restaurants around London are known to tempt American tourists with special Thanksgiving offerings. Paris is just one more alluring idea for Thanksgiving trips abroad, especially since the French capital is less expensive and less crowded during the Thanksgiving period.

Thanksgiving Day Vacation Packages

Thanksgiving Day Vacation Packages
Thanksgiving Day Vacation Packages

Thanksgiving travel packages are available in good supply. Cruise packages figure among the options, as do the special Thanksgiving lodging packages that are made available by any number of hotels across the country. In addition to accommodations and meals, the Thanksgiving lodging packages that are offered by hotels tend to include a wide range of family-friendly activities. You might even get treated to a meet and greet session with Santa. For those who wish to take their Thanksgiving vacations abroad, finding a travel package that suits their wants and needs shouldn’t be difficult, especially since travel packages for foreign destinations are readily available throughout the year.

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