Tropical Weddings

Tropical weddings are the dream of many couples, who want a romantic setting with sunset toasts and dancing under the stars. However, some couples think that these fantasy tropical beach weddings can’t be brought into reality. Today, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Tropical weddings are no longer just for the rich and famous. Budget options and packages to meet many different price points all contribute to helping you decide on the best tropical wedding destination. Before you discount the idea of a destination wedding as out of your budget, be sure to fully research a variety of places and seasons.

Tropical weddings are one of the most popular choices for destination weddings. Instead of worrying about the weather or waiting for the correct season to roll around, tropical beach weddings can make your dream come true at any time of the year. Timing can be an important part of your budget and should be researched and carefully considered. Season is almost as important as the day of the week you choose to plan your wedding. Saturday will be the most expensive day, followed by Friday and Sunday, and then by weekdays. Season should be considered as well. While summers can be hot, an evening wedding is typically pleasant. One season to avoid is hurricane season during late August and early September.

The best tropical wedding destination is a very individual decision. It will be difficult to narrow down your choices until you have a better idea of what kind of wedding you want, from a luxury wedding to a cheap wedding. For example, one of the most basic choices to make is how many people are going to attend. This will narrow down your choices for resorts as many resorts have a certain capacity or specialize in a wedding of a certain size. Number of guests might also discount certain types of weddings, such as a reception on a boat that can only carry a finite number of people. Once you have these details decided, you can plan better for tropical weddings.

While many couples think they can do all the planning themselves, the best investment you can make for tropical beach weddings is a wedding planner. By hiring a local wedding planner, you can rest assured that someone is looking out for your best interests and taking care of the small details. Wedding planners also have relationships with local florists, caterers, and photographers and can ensure that your wedding is of the highest quality. Many couples who have used a wedding planner have raved about having an advocate in their corner, and have said that without a wedding planner a destination wedding can be very difficult to coordinate.

The best tropical wedding destination also depends on what you and your wedding party want to do before and after the wedding. Combining your wedding and honeymoon can be another way to save money on the whole package. Some couples are concerned about their being entertainment, dining, and nightlife nearby for their guests. Others would prefer for water sports, activities, and outdoor adventure to be readily available. Once you decide on a destination wedding, there is much more to decide than simply the reception. Beach weddings from the Caribbean to Hawaii to Mexico are all growing in popularity, thanks to helpful wedding planners and packages that will meet a variety of budgets.

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