Vacation Homes

Vacation homes are one of the best ways to truly de-stress on your vacation. After all, what would be more relaxing than spending your holiday lying by the pool or one the beach in one of the world’s most beautiful and idyllic destinations? A week in a tropical paradise in a Thailand beach house vacation rental, an oceanfront villa rental in Cabo San Lucas, or hanging out by the Mediterranean in a house on the Tel Aviv beach, are all amazing ways to enjoy some of the world's best holiday homes.

Vacation Homes

Vacation Homes

Some of the best vacation house rentals can be found on the tropical island paradise of Koh Samui, Thailand. Koh Samui is the third-largest island in Thailand and is well known for its beautiful pristine white beaches, turquoise water, and its many beach resorts. More developed than its neighbor, Koh Phangan, which is famous for its backpacker-friendly beaches and the wild Full Moon Party, Koh Samui has a more highly developed tourist infrastructure, including resorts and individual estates where you can rent beach houses with the full service of a luxury hotel. Your stay in a beach house vacation rental on Koh Samui may include massage, a hot tub, a pool, and many other perks and benefits, including the privacy of your own house. Nearby Koh Phangan is smaller and less developed, but if you're on a budget you can rent your own grass hut out on the beach for some peace and privacy.

Beach Vacation Homes

Beach Vacation Homes

Another great place to rent vacation homes is in Cabo San Lucas, a popular resort town on the tip of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. There are many different recreational activities available in Cabo, such as some of the best sport fishing in the world, golf, scuba diving, as well as many fine restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In Cabo San Lucas and its neighbor, San Jose del Cabo, you can stay in a beach house vacation rental either rented from a private owner, or with the full service of a resort or rental company. One of the biggest renters of holiday homes in Los Cabos is Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations, a company specializing in luxury villa and vacation home rentals that offer services such as food and beverage delivery, special events catering, spa treatments, and more. Earth, Sea and Sky Vacations was voted by Condé Nast Traveler as the number one villa rental specialist in Mexico.

When looking for beautiful oceanfront vacation homes, don't forget sunny Southern California. Many homeowners rent out private homes in beach areas such as Newport Beach and nearby Huntington Beach, which are very popular for travelers on summer vacations who are looking to spend a week or more at the beach. These houses can give you the comfort of home while you enjoy your holiday in Orange County, though they may not have as many services as a resort or villa rental company. Much will depend on individual owners, however.

Travelers to the Middle East might not think vacation homes are as plentiful there, but in the best beach destinations, such as Tel Aviv Israel, there are plenty of vacation homes to rent. No matter where you’re going, vacation rentals can be among the best vacation deals for accommodations, so even if you’ve traditionally stuck to hotels, it’s worth looking into renting a condo, apartment, or vacation home on your next trip.

Mexico Vacation Home Rentals

Mexico Vacation Home Rentals

Mexico vacation home rentals appeal to travelers who want to have an unforgettable home-away-from-home experience, or who just want a bit more space or privacy than a hotel or resort can offer. Mexico is a stunning travel destination. Along with the heady sights and sounds of hectic Mexico City, the sites of Aztec and Mayan civilizations, and awe-inspiring jungles, swamps and reefs make this country a great place to travel. While the South is a more popular destination than the North, travelers will find vacation homes scattered throughout the country, so if you're looking for a budget condo or a luxury vacation home in Mexico, there are always plenty of choices.

Mexico City is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown, and there are plenty of Mexico vacation home rentals to choose from in this capital. Condos tend to be the most popular choice, although there are also apartments available and a number of villas outside of the center of the city. Vacationers may be used to dealing directly with home owners, to get cheap vacation homes without going through a middle man. This may not be advisable in Mexico City, and is not usually how the system works, due to the level of crime in the city. It's better to go through a reputable travel organization, which will be able to vouch for the property in question. Mexico City is a sprawling capital, so make sure when choosing Mexico vacation home rentals that you are near the attractions for history and culture, such as Aztec temple ruins and Chapultepec Park, with its world-famous anthropological museum.

Many travelers choose a Mexico beach house rental, so that they can relax in their own space, and saunter down to the beach whenever they please. The Yucatan Peninsula draws the crowds both for its cultural attractions and for its sun-kissed beaches. Cancun is the center of much of the tourist action on the peninsula, and there are more choices for those looking for a Mexico beach house rental in this party spot than in many other destinations on the peninsula. This is partly because Cancun is also a regular stop off for cruise ships, as well as because of its infamous party reputation. Another great resort destination to check for vacation homes is Puerto Vallarta and its surrounding areas. Much like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta is known for pristine beaches, resorts, and an awesome array of tours.

There is a good selection of Mexico vacation home rentals all along the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Pacific coast, and these can range from condos and beachfront apartments to beautiful villas with their own pools and grounds, perfect for those looking for a luxury vacation home in Mexico. An Acapulco Mexico beach house rental is usually a great option for families and groups of spring breakers, as the area has lots of things to do and is popular with all sorts of travelers.

Those wanting to splash out on a luxury vacation home in Mexico won't be disappointed. There tend to be a good handful of upmarket homes near the most stunning cultural and natural spots in the country, if you're willing to pay the price. Some of the best of these are in Tulum, a little coastal town that attracts flocks of tourists every year with its charm and abundance of Mayan ruins, pools and underground rivers. There are also a handful of luxury vacation homes available in convenient proximity to the stunning Sian Ka'an nature reserve, a few hours drive away from Tulum.

Cheap Vacation Houses

Cheap Vacation Houses

Cheap vacation houses are easy to find, once you know where to look. It's more difficult, however, to choose which affordable vacation home to book, as they come in so many different types. Vacation homes can be rented through private owners, in which case you can contact them directly or get a list of contacts from a local tourist office. With some houses, however, you have to go through a middle man, who advertises and rents out the properties on the owner's behalf. There are also communities of vacation homes, which are more likely to be owned by a travel company, and can provide services and facilities such as maid service, car rental, and trips to sights and attractions in the area. Whether you are looking for an apartment on the Las Vegas Strip or a beach house in the Caribbean, though, with enough searching there are cheap options out there just about anywhere.

If you want to rent a cheap vacation house, its best to look at what your destination has to offer. Vacation homes are a popular choice in cities like London and Paris, but it can be hard to rent a cheap vacation house in the downtown areas of these cities. Las Vegas, for example, is famed for its more expensive properties and gigantic hotels close to the Strip. For this reason, the best vacation home deals are often for houses in the suburbs, such as in the planned community of Summerlin. The US has a large number of cheap vacation houses for rent in vacation home communities in the suburban areas, which are perfect if you want a relaxing, safe location. For example, there are some excellent condo communities with affordable properties in the Disney Area in Florida, around twenty minutes drive from Disney World.

If you want to find a place outside of the city, some of the best vacation home deals are for beach houses. Mexico, Spain, and New Zealand are three of the most popular beach vacation home destinations. These countries offer great vacation deals, as long stretches of their beautiful coast lines are still unpopulated by tourists. Renting a house through a private owner can get you a beachfront property with no other tourists in sight, at a decent price. In contrast, it's harder to rent a cheap vacation house in the Caribbean Islands as most of the islands that are accessible to tourists are heavily built upon, and so any property will have to pay high prices for their land. And depending where you look in Mexico, hotspots like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta offer resorts and beach houses right in the heart of these popular areas as well as quieter, tucked-away homes.

Choosing an affordable vacation home is not just about the rent, however. You should also look at whether the vacation is all inclusive, and what facilities are available. This includes considering your transportation. For example, you could get a great deal on a cheap vacation house on the Out Islands in the Caribbean, or near the stunning Sian Ka'an nature reserve on the Gulf Coast of Mexico, but these destinations are hard to get to. The best vacation home deals provide airport transfer and car rentals when you arrive, so that once you are set up in your home, you're not isolated from the many things to do in your area. When looking at cheap vacation houses, you should also always ask whether there is Internet access, and whether the kitchen is fully equipped. A good affordable vacation home should have these facilities, but it's always best to check before you book.

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