Villa Rentals

Villa Rentals
Villa Rentals

Villa rentals evoke the ultimate in privacy and luxury. Imagine yourself staying in a Mediterranean style villa in the midst of a vineyard or olive grove in Tuscany, spending your holiday sampling fine wines and excellent local food. You can get an amazing luxury villa rental in many places around the world, with some of the most exclusive and breathtaking vacation spots located in Italy, the Caribbean, and the Mexican Riviera.

If you choose to rent a villa in Italy, the first thing you will need to decide is where you want to spend your time. Almost every province in Italy boasts spectacular villa rentals, nestled away in the countryside, or in some of the most popular towns and villages. In Tuscany, you can stay in a traditional farmhouse-style villa with spectacular views of the rolling green hills and cypress trees, and you can sample some of the local Chianti wines. Vacation rentals in Italy are one of the best ways to explore the local culture and soak in the scenery in more rural destinations.

If you rent a villa in Italy near the coast of Liguria, many of the holiday villas are located in and around Cinque Terre National Park, an area of breathtaking Mediterranean coastline and five jewel-toned villages. Admire the coastal scenery while indulging in limoncello, farinata, and other local specialties. Another popular place to rent a villa in Italy is on the Amalfi Coast, where crystal clear blue Mediterranean waters beckon with amazing coastal vistas. Your luxury villa rental in this area might come with a private terrace on which to watch the sunset, and your own private pool.

Another popular place for villa rentals is in the Caribbean, and many islands have options for rentals to create this type of luxury vacation, which means the area is also desirable for the number of choices you have for your vacation destination. In the Bahamas, you can enjoy the pristine white sands of the beach and the turquoise waters of the sea, right from the privacy of your own luxury villa rental. Many villas are located in vacation resorts, with exclusive service, and facilities such as pools, golf courses, hot tubs and more. If you want private beach access along with historic charm, there are also villas located on former plantation estates with extensive gardens along the beach. In Jamaica, you can sample local reggae culture, walk along the beach, explore the landscape and caves, and return to an evening of luxury and comfort in some of the multi-bedroom villas, so large that they resemble mansions. Many villas come with catering service, so you can taste the local cuisine from the privacy of your own terrace.

A villa in Acapulco on the Mexican Riviera is a perfect place to bring a loved one for a weekend of luxury and relaxation. Many of Acapulco's villas offer first-class service, with housekeeping, catering, and wait staff ready to meet your every need. Look out over the magnificent ocean scenery as you swim in a private pool on the terrace, or enjoy private access to the beach. Many villas are located in the most exclusive residential neighborhoods in the area, or on golf clubs or resorts. With many villas boasting multiple bedrooms, you can bring all your friends along to share the fun.

Villas in Hawaii

Villas in Hawaii
Villas in Hawaii

From the small island also known as Lanai to to the Big Island, you can find a Hawaii luxury villa no matter which island you want to visit. You'll have many options for Hawaii vacation rentals, wherever and whenever you plan to visit. Several of the most luxurious villas in Hawaii are part of resorts, giving you all of the privacy of a villa with all of the benefits of staying at full-service accommodations. The Kolea at Waikoloa property combines private villas with resort amenities, less than twenty miles from the Kona International Airport and a few steps away from the beach along Kiholo Bay. On the same day, you could spend a quiet morning enjoying breakfast at your private retreat, flip on the flat-screen TV, and make a meal in the well-equipped kitchen. After leaving this Hawaii luxury villa behind, you can experience all that the resort has to offer, including the pools, beaches, activities, and nightlife.

Other villas in Hawaii are owned by private individuals, each offering its own style, charm, and amenities. If cheap villa rentals are better suited to your budget, you can find the perfect place to stay. Whatever your budget, staying in one of the Waikiki villas can provide an alternative to squeezing into a hotel room in this popular area. You'll have the added benefit of extra space to stretch out; many villas offer multiple bedrooms as well as separate living rooms and kitchens. Budget-mind travelers and those who really love to cook often benefit from access to a kitchen in their vacation rentals.

Waikiki villas display the signature diversity of Hawaiian villas, running the gamut from charming little bungalows to elegant condos and grand houses on the beach. When planning an Oahu vacation, choosing one of the Waikiki villas is smart choice. You'll have easy access to the urban wonders of Honolulu as well as beautiful beaches and the Diamond Head Crater. Several of the beachside resorts include villa rentals in their menu of options, offering a much-desired mix of privacy and amenities. This is true of the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas, located right along North Beach, one of the top rated in America. When you're not relaxing with a wellness treatment at the Spa Helani, going for a dip in one of the pools, or enjoying a meal out, you can spend time an elegantly appointed villa on the beach. You'll also find condos and apartment rentals in and around Waikiki available in all four seasons. This beachfront community, often compared to the French Riviera, is one of the most elegant and exciting places to stay in all of Hawaii.

South Pacific Villas

South Pacific Villas
South Pacific Villas

South Pacific villas are what many people think about when they dream about an island getaway. Just think about a secluded little hut with a thatched roof with turquoise-blue waters lapping the white-sand beaches. While you're certain to find this option when looking for a villa in Tahiti or Fiji, little huts are only one aspect for these vacation getaways. You'll also find grand luxury villas, resorts large and small, and other villa rentals along some of the most beaches anywhere.

Tahiti, a longtime favorite destination of the jet set, has an abundance of beautiful beaches lined with tropical villas. These islands, a part of French Polynesia, are some of the most visited islands in the entire region, but that doesn't mean you won't find plenty of privacy when renting a villa in Tahiti. Sophisticated resorts line many of the lagoons and beaches, providing easy access to lovely white- or black-sand beaches. When you choose a villa in Tahiti that's a part of a resort, you'll have access to the same amenities as the other guests, but with the added value of privacy. As the sun is sinking below the horizon, you could enjoy a meal you prepared in your villa kitchen or join with the other guests at one of the resort's restaurants. You'll also have the chance to enjoy snorkeling, pools, and other amenities that are open to resort guest without having to pay extra or spend your precious time trying to make plans.

Locations in Tahiti worth checking into to find great villa rentals include Bora Bora, Moorea, Rangirora, or the capital of Papeeti. Bora Bora villa rental could be a beach house or one of the popular overwater bungalows. Many of villas on this island are overwater bungalows, the design that has come to typify South Pacific villas. These charming rentals allow the locals a chance to share their signature hospitality while vacationers have the chance to savor a spectacular getaway. Bungalow guests may trade the busyness of the everyday for life at a slower pace, but they won't trade away modern amenities. On the island, a Bora Bora villa rental is often equipped with flat-screen TVs, kitchens that would make a chef envious, and luxury linens; many of these villas have see-through coffee tables where you can watch the tropical fish swim.

An alternative to a Bora Bora villa rental can be found on other islands in region. The islands of Fiji also draw vacationers in all four seasons. A Fiji luxury villa offers easy access to many of the islands' treasures, including white-sand beaches, scuba diving, and lush gardens. After a day of seeking out treasures, it will be a treat to relax in a well-equipped and comfortable villa. In the morning, you will be back exploring within steps of the front porch.

Tropical Luxury Villa

Tropical Luxury Villa
Tropical Luxury Villa

With beaches fronting both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the island of St Lucia is home to array of vacation rentals. Beyond the hotel towers, a villa rental in St Lucia provides an alternative to the crowds and cookie-cutter accommodations. A private tropical luxury villa, just steps from the beach, is a popular choice for weddings and honeymoons. Even if those days are long behind you, a private villa in a sleepy fishing village or chic city will create a vacation to remember.

Beach villas in St Lucia can be found along the golden sands of Reduit Beach and in the capital city of Castries. On the southern part of the island, you'll find several options for a villa rental in St Lucia in view of the rainforest. Several of these vacation rentals are well-equipped with luxury touches, such as high-thread-count linens, flat-screen televisions, and housekeeping service. You won't need to lift a finger to enjoy your time in a tropical luxury villa. With a full kitchen and outdoor markets in abundance, you may want to take the opportunity to do some cooking while you're staying in lovely St Lucia.

Lovely views also are in abundance on the island of Mauritius. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, and off the beaten path, this island is home to spectacular beaches and plenty of Mauritius villas. Prized by the Dutch, French, and other explorers over the centuries, the allure of Mauritius is hard to deny. Today's explorers can choose to stay in Mauritius villas when seeking privacy and luxurious surroundings. Without driving a mile or having to worry about any traffic, you can walk from your villa to one of the lagoons, lined by languid casuarina trees and lapped by gentle waves.

As the Mauritius villas demonstrate, vacations at a tropical villa will be something to savor. You'll have easy easy to beautiful beaches and luxury accommodations fit for a king. All you need to do is make your reservations and make your way to the warm-weather getaway of your choice. Bright sunny days, warm weather, and luxurious surroundings will go a long way towards making your vacation a chance to truly get away from it all. Tropical locations abound throughout the world. From the Caribbean to the shores of Africa, there is a tropical villa just right for your vacation waiting for you.

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean Villas

Mediterranean villas are located in towns large and small—some with thousands of years of history and others just recently coming into prominence. Whether you make reservations in the South of France, spend a week at a villa in Cyprus, or choose another location, you'll enjoy views of the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. Chic beach towns and off-the-beaten path getaways are all home to great vacation rentals. A breath of fresh air compared to cookie-cutter hotel rooms, these villas offer overnight accommodations with style.

Many of the Mediterranean villas are located in the Canary Islands. A part of Spain, yet closer to the African mainland, these gorgeous islands are favored by celebrities as well as eco-conscious travelers. Villas in Lanzarote, La Palma, or one of the other islands, give vacationers a chance to enjoy the kinds of getaways they desire. If you're looking for a sophisticated getaway, one of the luxury villas will provide a setting even the most demanding travelers desire. Other villas in Lanzarote and the rest of the islands are more basic, but still comfortable.

The entire island Lanzarote, the northernmost of the Canary Islands, has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Local innkeepers and others who watch over these European villas in Lanzarote are aware of the importance of the local landscape. You'll still have the chance to enjoy easy access to the beach and accommodations with style, but here, locals and visitors alike keep the environment in mind. Some of the apartment rentals and villas in Lanzarote are located close to national parks that are favorite places for hiking and exploring volcanoes.

The Canary Islands are just one place to look for Mediterranean villas and apartments. Spain's largest island, Majorca, is known and loved for its beach resorts and bright, sunny days. Its long coastline means you'll have many places to rent a villa in Majorca that are just steps away from the beach and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The island is especially popular with travelers from the UK, so its easy to work with an innkeeper or property owner fluent in English. After you've arrived and settled into the beach villas of your choice, you can start enjoying all this European island has to offer, including a thriving nightlife once the sun sets.

Moving away from Spain, many more countries offer vacation spots along the Mediterranean Sea—and a wide variety of vacation rentals, whether your budget is best suited for cheap villa rentals or you're looking for luxury. For millennia, travelers have been flocking to Greece to dip their toes into the waters of the sea and feel the sun on their shoulders. Modern seaside villas can be found in along the coast of the mainland and plenty of islands. Greek villas on Crete and Euboea offer some amazing views and easy access to the Mediterranean. You can relax your days away and spend some time connecting with the ancient cultures who also came to admire the views.

Cyprus, one of the largest islands in Mediterranean, is now an independent country, but has been under Greek rule at various times in its history. Today, the chic and sophisticated island nation offers plenty of opportunities to experience a seaside vacation and so much more. Reservations at a villa in Cyprus will open up many opportunities to see where east meets west at the crossroads of three continents. Of course, a big part of the what makes this island special is its beaches. The eastern coast is best known for its white-sand beaches. A villa in Cyprus that's located along the western coast will offer views of secluded bays, while one of the southern coast can be found along gray-sand beaches perfect for a long stroll alongside the sea.

Cheap Villas

Cheap Villas

Cheap villas put luxury vacations in everyone's reach. Upgrading from a standard hotel room—often for not that much more—gives you access to more space and more amenities. If you're looking for a vacation that offers more value for the same price, upgrading your accommodations by booking villas can go a long way toward making your getaway even more comfortable and memorable. Without spending a fortune, you can spend your cheap villa holidays enjoying the beach or some other scenic setting.

Whether you're spending a week at a cheap villa in Jamaica, wasting away a winter weekend in Orlando, or staying somewhere else scenic, spacious accommodations will make your time away even better. Like high-price luxury villas, the lower-cost cheap villas still come with plenty of space to stretch out-including multiple bedrooms, separate living room space, and kitchens. Having the ability to cook your own meals will add even more savings to the bottom line; there there will be more money leftover to get the most of your cheap villa holidays. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on expensive restaurants, you can pick up some groceries or visit a farmers market to pick up some fresh and tasty ingredients. Even spending some time dining on the villa's porch will give you an evening to remember.

Orlando, a city known for its expensive theme parks and even more expensive hotels, still can provide a setting for cheap villa holidays. It's possible to find spacious villas with room for the whole family that don't cost a fortune. One of the best ways to save money is to visit during the off-season. During the heat of summer or in the shoulder season seasons, a cheap Orlando villa can be easier to come by; even if your dates are not flexible, you could find value by staying a few miles away from Disney World or one of the other parks. In suburban Kissimmee and other surrounding communities, vacation rentals often cost less than they do in the big city.

Cheap villas are not limited to central Florida, and are most prevalent along the beaches in destinations throughout the world. The many beautiful and beach-lined islands of the Caribbean are home to all kinds of accommodations, including everything from cute little bungalows to grand resorts. You don't need to drop a lot of cash to enjoy a luxury vacation to the islands and Caribbean villas. With year-round pleasant weather, you can expect to hit the beach even if you visit in the off-season to save some money. The sun can stream through the window of a cheap villa in Jamaica, close to the beach, even in the winter.

Whether you want to soak in the beauty of Ocho Rios or the style of Montego Bay, well-equipped vacation rentals can be reserved for a great price. All along the coast, beach villas can be reserved for a song. Without trading in amenities, you can still experience the beaches, nightlife, and other vacation elements close to your cheap villa in Jamaica. Besides the chance to get away from it all, you'll also have the added satisfaction of knowing you made a smart choice.

Beyond the beaches of Jamaica, you can enjoy cheap villa holidays in countries all around the world. Mediterranean villas from Spain to Greece are known for their abundance of sunshine and style-all in view of the turquoise water. In Southeast Asia, villas on Bali and the islands of Thailand are set among some spectacular beaches that look like something out of dream. Southeast Asia is one of the best places to go for cheap villa rentals, or vacations of any sort, as prices in this region are so much lower than in other hotspots around the world. No matter where you roam, staying in a villa will give you the chance to truly enjoy your vacation.

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