Wedding Destinations

For those who love to travel and want a wholly unique way to begin married life, there are destination wedding packages that will take the most important day of your life and take it to a whole other level. Certain wedding destinations are tried and true, whereas other more exotic locales are turning up on itineraries more and more often.

The gold standard for wedding destinations has remained fairly unchanged over the years, and it's no coincidence that these locations are often classic honeymoon spots, too. If you want nothing more than a romantic sandy beach to tie the knot, Hawaii is a great choice. Every island will offer a slight variation on what you want, but as a destination, wedding packages to Maui and Oahu are often the most popular. Maui has just the right mix of secluded beaches, outdoor activities and an enticing ambiance that has brought lovers to its shores for years. On Oahu you'll find cheaper prices, but less availability, so that might be a deciding factor in your destination wedding planning.

Tourist hotspots in Mexico also double as great wedding destinations. Whether it is Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan, Mexico adds a bit of color and excitement to any wedding plans. The crescent shaped bay in Acapulco is the country's most popular nuptial site, so there are numerous destination wedding packages to choose from. If it was good enough for the Kennedys and the Clintons, so shall it be for you. Mazatlan has a more casual vibe, which is perfect for couples who want to keep the proceedings a little lower key - plus it is often the least expensive location down south for destination wedding planning.

Of course, you could always go the path tread by millions of lovers throughout the years and head straight to Vegas. Whether you want to be brought together by the bonds of holy matrimony by an Elvis impersonator, or want a more traditional wedding, Las Vegas will always be there to provide. Every major casino in the city has a wedding chapel in their hotel, and they range in style and ambiance, usually following the casino's overall theme. These chapels can be set up just as luxurious or laid back as you desire, from the top of the line Mirage and Caesar's chapels to quaint locations such as the Monte Carlo or Luxor. The nice thing about Vegas as a wedding destination is that the huge numbers of ceremonies that take place every year make the planning staffs amongst the most helpful and knowledgeable that you'll ever find. Vegas weddings are specifically designed to make the hardship of planning a moot point.

If you want to get really exotic with your plans, Thailand is steadily rising in popularity as a weddings destination. Other than the amazing location, your money will stretch so far, you may think of staying there. If you ever wanted to head down the aisle on an elephant, or have tigers looking on as you say your vows - well, Thailand is the place for you. Phuket is where a lot of lovestruck couples head to (both for weddings and honeymoons), and will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

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