The Black Forest

The Black Forest
The Black Forest

The name of what is arguably the greatest forests of Germany—the Black Forest—often conjures up images of a dark, sinister place. Don’t let the name fool you. The Black Forest in Germany is one of the best places you can go to explore some of the natural beauty the country has to offer.

Sitting in the south west corner of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest borders France, Switzerland, and the Neckar River. The forest itself straddles the continental divide, with the Atlantic watershed which is drained by the Rhine to one side and the Black Sea watershed which is drained by the Danube to the other.

This forest acquired its name due to a large concentration of pine trees which causes it to look quite dark from a distance. Additionally, the nearby mountains can cast their shadows over the valleys and further serve to darken it. However, the town at the center of the Black Forest in Germany, Freudenstadt, has made a claim that it actually receives the more hours of sunshine than any other town in nation.

The forests of Germany are highly valued and woodcutting is only allowed under the strict supervision by forest rangers. The timber is valuable, but environmental preservation, and thus tourism of the Black Forest in Germany is even more important. As a result, the trees that are cut down are replanted.

The forest itself is an area of heavily wooded mountains and verdant valleys. If you love nature, you will absolutely adore the Black Forest in Germany. The land and villages look relatively unchanged, as if you’ve stepped back in time, and when you walk through the forest, you can get an insight into what ancient Germany might have been like. Some of the houses you’ll find in the villages are over three hundred years old. The Germany Black Forest even hosts some of the world’s finest craftsmen of Cuckoo Clocks. Other places of interest to see include vineyards and castles. In addition, the Germany Black Forest possesses a rich mythological tradition, where werewolves and witches haunt the darkness, so watch out. Fortunately, there are dwarves that live within the woods who like to help people.

Located near the Germany Black Forest is Baden Baden, a place renowned for its resorts and spas and a perfect place to stop before or after exploring one of the most impressive forests of Germany.

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