Naples Italy Shopping

Naples Italy Shopping

Naples Italy shopping is some of the most renowned in the whole country due in large part to the amazing shopping districts around the city. Whether you are searching for the newest, high-end designer boutiques, antique shops, vintage clothing, or gifts and trinkets, you will be able to find whatever it is you want. Besides a wide variety of independent stores and boutiques, there is also an impressive shopping mall in Naples Italy called the Galleria Umberto, where you will find a nice selection of stores, restaurants, and cafes.

Although the real treat of Naples Italy shopping comes from meandering through the narrow streets and visiting all of the independently owned boutiques and shops, the Galleria Umberto in Naples is a place that you will definitely want to consider making a stop. This shopping mall in Naples Italy is thought by many to have the most stunning interior, architecturally, in all of southern Italy. It was constructed between 1887 and 1891 and features impressive feats of architecture, including a 184-foot arching dome, amazing mosaics, and broad, open spaces. There are some nice shops here, as well as fantastic Naples dining in close proximity should you want to make an afternoon or evening out of your visit to the Galleria Umberto in Naples, which is one of the popular attractions in the city.

One thing you definitely need to know about Naples Italy shopping is when the stores are open. Most are open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., before closing until around 3:30 or 4:00 when the re-open until somewhere around 8 p.m. The schedule is uniquely Italian, and the relaxation is in the air. No one seems in too much a hurry to get anywhere. On Saturdays, shops tend to close around 5:30 and many are closed altogether on Sundays.

The shopping mall in Naples Italy and the many markets around the city center offer one of the most notable goods in the area, coral jewelry from Torre del Greco. Leather goods are also a huge commodity downtown and are of the utmost quality. If you are an antique shopper, you will want to concentrate much of your attention on the Via Santa Maria di Constantinopoli. Nearby you will find the famous Via San Gregorio Armeni, which is renowned for its hand-carved models of figures, primarily from the nativity scene. There is a profitable industry for these figures in Naples. The streets around the Spaccanapoli district are filled with charming artisan’s workshops and crafts stores.

The primary area for Naples Italy shopping is centered around the Piazza dei Martiri and along the pedestrian street of Via Calabritto. Be sure to check out these areas and the shops that are located along the Via Chiaia and the Via Roma, and do not forget about the Galleria Umberto in Naples. Besides the absolutely breathtaking architecture of the interior at this shopping mall, there is a very nice selection of high-end boutiques. As you meander through the city, exploring the shopping scene, you will catch views of the Bay of Naples as you go along. It is a wonderful backdrop for a day of shopping in the alluring city of Naples.

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