Las Vegas Show Girls

Las Vegas Show Girls

For years, one of the most iconic images of Las Vegas has been that of the Las Vegas Show Girls kicking their legs high into the air. When the first Las Vegas Show Girls shows first hit the stage in the 1950’s, there was an explosion of shows debuting on the Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Show Girls became wildly popular, and their review shows competed with each other nightly. During this time, the Vegas Show Girls began to don elaborate headdresses and shuck their tops. What would Sin City be without a little bit of hedonism after all, and women fret not, because there is always “Thunder from Down Under” and the Chippendales, and at shows like Zumanity, there are plenty of Show Boys gracing the stage. But, even though the Las Vegas Show Girl shows will have an added appeal moreover to the men in the audience, the increasing imagination of the performances will impress those of both sexes. Las Vegas Show Girls are arguably more talented these days, and many are skillful acrobats, tricky magicians, off-hand comediennes and top-notch singers.

In the 1960’s, the Las Vegas Show Girls began gaining more notoriety around the world. Two French reviews that were partly responsible for this were “Folies Bergere” and the “Lido de Paris”. While Lido is no longer running, Folies Bergere continues to reign supreme at the Tropicana as one of the best Las Vegas shows. Some 40,000 audience members reportedly fill the seats to this show every month, and the it is one of the Las Vegas Show Girls shows that features the best performers. If you choose to see just one of the Las Vegas Show Girls shows, this might be your first pick.

Though the initial thing you probably picture when thinking of Las Vegas Show Girls are the large headdresses, the flashy and scant outfits and the dancing. But, there is a growing trend to feature Show Girls that shuck the traditional costumes and produce a greater level of variety. Modeled after a classic Parisian cabaret show, the “Crazy Horse Paris” is a steamy show for starters, and is dubbed as a, “celebration of the artistry of the nude”. The Show Girls in this production are all trained in ballet and are of a like size, making them more indistinguishable. All 12 of them have previous experience performing with the original Paris show, and their erotic performances will raise the temperature. Another of the new-age Las Vegas Show Girls shows that caters to male fantasies is “X Burlesque”, which you can catch at the Flamingo. It is an extremely seductive show, featuring popular music and solo performances by each girl. Another of the Las Vegas Show Girls shows that is quickly becoming the talk of the town is “Ooh La La”, which is the brainchild of the somewhat controversial hypnotist, Anthony Cools.

All of the Las Vegas shows featuring the Las Vegas Show Girls fall into the adult shows and burlesque shows categories, meaning that if you want to buy Vegas Show Girl tickets, then you must be at least 18 years of age. Vegas Show Girl tickets can be purchased ahead of time online, and some online brokers offer discounted Vegas Show Girl tickets, so you may not have to pay full price. There are a few ways to find discount Las Vegas show tickets for all genres, and even if you buy your Vegas Show Girl tickets at the last minute, you can often find deals. These shows may not be intended for everybody, adult or not, so you should use some discretion and consider who you might be taking, or what your personal preferences are. Reservations and buying in advance are encouraged if there is a Vegas Show Girl show that you really want to see. Plus, you will find a better selection of seating options when you buy your Vegas Show Girl tickets earlier, meaning you can get as close to the stage as possible, which is a considerable consideration.

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