Costa Verde Brazil

Costa Verde Brazil

Costa Verde Brazil means the green coast of Brazil and it’s easy to see why when you fly over or drive along this lush coastal strip between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One side is thick green tropical Atlantic forests, and the other is the sparkling blue ocean, lapping mile after mile of pristine sandy beaches.

This green coast of Brazil is blessed with some of the most picturesque villages in the country. And, the Costa Verde beaches are some of the country’s most remote and beautiful. If you have the time, a good complement to Rio de Janeiro vacations is to look into¬†Brazil car rental¬†and drive the highway for the couple hundred miles between the two cities.

You’ll find no lack of Brazil hotels and resorts along the way. Most of them will have access to a beach of the Costa Verde and some will be right on a beach. Some will actually be located on islands off the coast, like the beaches of Ilha Grande. If you’re not locked into the itinerary of one of the many Brazil vacation packages that are available, you might want to spend some time at Angra dos Reis (Cove of Kings), which is a favorite vacation spot for the locals from Rio. While it is a busy fishing port and home to one of Brazil’s largest shipbuilding yards, it is a charming colonial town and most every Carioca (Rio local) will have his or her favorite beach of the Costa Verde near the town. Boats to Ilha Grande depart from the town pier, and most any other of the attractions in the area are available just for asking.

Shipwrecks, coral reefs, and colorful tropical fish mean that the green coast of Brazil is great for diving and snorkeling. Many of the Costa Verde beaches are also ideal for surfing, whether on a board or with a kite. Some protected coves make for good water skiing. Some beaches are so remote, you may not see another person. If attractions like the hustle and bustle of people, parties and nightlife appeal to you, you might want to hang out at beaches near town. Jurubaiba and Pria do Dentista actually have floating bars that cater to boats and people spending time in the water. There is, in fact, a beach of the Costa Verde for most any taste and budget.

If you like the wildlife and mystique of jungle and exotic wildlife, the green forests that give Costa Verde Brazil its name may beckon to you. About halfway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro lies Serra da Bocaina National Park. This protected area extends for nearly 25,000 acres and rivals the jungles of the Amazon in biodiversity. Here you will find the rare macuco bird, which lends its name to the jungle safaris that are offered around Iguazu Falls. There are many species of monkeys, tapirs, wild boars, jaguars, and exotic parrots.

Closer to Sao Paulo, you will find the city of Ubatuba, known for its more than 70 Costa Verde beaches that each seem to cater to a specific clientele. One is a favorite of families with children. Another seems to be the place for yachts to anchor. There’s one surrounded by the famous Ubatuba granite rocks (you might find this stone on your bathroom or kitchen countertops) and is a favorite of surfers. One is for local fishermen, and another seems to have nothing but shopping venues.

The larger towns and cities along Costa Verde Brazil boast some wonderful colonial architecture, and even the little villages are great places to visit (and feast) during the many events and holidays, both religious and secular, that are so much a part of Brazilian life. While a Brazil car rental may be one of the best ways to explore the Costa Verde beaches there is also decent bus transportation.

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