MTV Spring Break

MTV Spring Break

MTV Spring Break has not been announced yet but stay tuned for the announcement. College students, and young crowds from all walks of life have been making plans in advance to snag the best vacation deals there are. From all inclusive vacations in Las Vegas to simple flights and hotels discounts, there are all types of deals to ease the cost of heading to the MTV Spring Break 2023. Making advanced plans is the way to go to get enjoy the most affordable trip possible.

MTV Spring Break events kick off on in early March and last until the middle of the month. For adults 21 years and older, it will be a memorable time and a chance to party in Las Vegas with an exceptionally exciting twist. Hard partying, world-famous acts, and plenty of special events will light up Vegas and provide tons of things to do while enjoying an MTV Spring Break party. Don’t forget your ID. Las Vegas nightclubs check vigilantly so if you’re not 21, you won’t get in.

If you’re planning on going to Vegas for MTV Spring Break 2023, now is the time to check out where all the deals are. Use the booking tool on this page to find the best deals that include everything you need for travel like flights to Las Vegas, swanky hotel rooms, deals for hot Las Vegas shows and more. If you’re planning a road trip, now’s the time to book a cheap car rental.

With so many hotels to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one, but if you want to be right up in the action, look to

Spring Break 2012 MTV Spring break was at The Palms. The Palms Casino & Resort houses nightclubs like Moon, Rain, and even the Playboy Club, and is the official headquarters of MTV Spring Break 2023. If you’re heading to Las Vegas with the idea of partying all week long, opt for a hotel that has a popular nightclub or bar onsite so the party is always close at hand. Also, check out the pool parties around Vegas such as Rehab, which are sure to feature tons of fun during the break. Some of the best pools include the Mandalay Bay Pool and Monte Carlo Las Vegas Pool complete with a lazy river.

There is a world of luxury to explore and experience in the city, but there are also plenty of cheap Las Vegas restaurants to keep on budget, no-cover lounges to start out the evening in, and bars that advertise different theme nights with no cover charges. There are excellent casino bars, plenty of after hours clubs like MGM Grand’s Tabu and the Venetian’s TAO, and myriad dance clubs inside famous casino hotels like Luxor Las Vegas. If you’re tight on cash, make sure to avoid bottle service or it will cost a mint before you know it.

Over the years, MTV has hosted Spring Break all around the world, including Cancun, Jamaica, Panama City Beach, Negril, and Acapulco. This year the party in Sin City is anticipated to be the most rocking party MTV has ever hosted. Las Vegas never sleeps, and is paradise for those all-nighters thousands of party-goers will surely pull. Live one day into the next in Las Vegas without ever leaving The Strip. Or, while you’re there, head out on one of the fun day tours to the Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire for a dose of something other than drinking and partying, enjoy some recovery time, and jump right back into the party with renewed energy. The beauty of MTV Spring Break 2023 in Las Vegas is anything and everything is possible.

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