Married Man’s Trail

At the turn of the twentieth century, before Ketchikan became the thriving tourist and cruise ship destination it is today, the area along Creek Street had a colorful history. Back before shops, galleries, and boutiques lined the waterway, the area was the local red light district. Police raids on the brothels were frequent and being caught at one of the houses meant a hefty fine, so many a wandering spouse looking for a quick exit from the area found the Married Man’s Trail to be the perfect escape route.

Beginning at one end of Creek Street, the Married Man’s Trail heads upward, winding through the trees and providing scenic views of the town and harbor below. At the top of the Married Man’s Trail, you will find Cape Fox Lodge, which offers a full range of standard rooms and suites accompanied by panoramic views of Tongass Narrows waterway, Deer Mountain, and the Ketchikan Marina through large glass windows in the lobby.

Retrace your steps and continue along Creek Street to enjoy the atmosphere of this busy port city along with museums, restaurants, local native artwork, and specialty shops all along the way. For cruise passengers looking for a low-key shore excursion in Ketchikan, strolling along the Married Man’s Trail and Creek Street might be the perfect way to spend an afternoon.