Daytona Beach Cruises

Daytona Beach Cruises

Daytona Beach Cruises

Daytona Beach cruises are popular with visitors and locals alike. While you can’t catch a cruise ship to the Bahamas in Daytona Beach, there are some good options for dinner and sightseeing cruises. Perhaps a private boating excursion on the Indian River will suit your fancy when it comes to the Daytona Beach cruises, or maybe a romantic sunset cruise is what you have in mind. Dinner cruises in Daytona Beach can also be enjoyed, and they can be ideal for couples, families, friends, and just about anyone else who is looking to have a good time once the sun begins to set.

The Indian River sets the stage for many a Daytona Beach cruise, and you’re all but guaranteed to see some interesting creatures while cruising along it. Dolphins and manatees are among the creatures most often spotted, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them. An array of exotic birds also flock to the area waters, so you can add birding to the list of possibilities when it comes to the Daytona Beach cruises. Whether you cruise the Indian River during the day or at night, your captain will likely provide some informative narration, which will help you better enjoy the trip.

The Indian River isn’t the only river that you can take to when enjoying a Daytona Beach cruise. One of the local companies takes passengers out on the Halifax River, which also boasts its fair share of native wildlife. While some of the cruises on the Halifax River highlight the wildlife, others focus more on the estates that line the waterway. You can also book a Daytona Beach cruise on the Halifax that revolves around Daytona Beach history, which is ideal for history buffs.

For those who are looking to enjoy an interesting dining experience in Daytona Beach, a dinner cruise is always a good idea. The dinner cruises in Daytona Beach typically last around three hours, and in addition to good food, they also feature music and dancing. One of the vessels that is used for Daytona Beach dinner cruises is a Victorian-themed riverboat, which sets quite the romantic stage. The dinner cruises in Daytona Beach can be ideal for couples who are planning Daytona Beach weddings, and dinner cruises for two can be arranged if you don’t want to share a boat with a small crowd. Perhaps you’ll book a romantic dinner cruise on a yacht, which can make for a very romantic escape.

There are a handful of companies that offer Daytona Beach cruises, and if you’re interested in fishing, you can also book a fishing charter. You can do plenty of sightseeing while enjoying a fishing charter, so you’re bound to have some fun even if the fish aren’t biting. Ponce Inlet is one of the best places to book deep sea fishing charters if that’s what you’re after. Ponce Inlet is also a good place to arrange a non fishing Daytona Beach cruise. Generally, the Daytona Beach cruises only last a couple of hours, which lends to their popularity. They are easy to fit on the itinerary, and since most are affordable, they can also easily fit into your budget.

While Daytona Beach doesn’t feature a cruise port that can handle large cruise ships, nearby Port Canaveral does. Heading north of Daytona Beach, Jacksonville is another destination where you can book cruises on larger ships. The destinations of choice for cruises out of these ports are the Bahamas, the eastern Caribbean, and Mexico.

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