Hawaii Interisland Cruise

Hawaii Interisland Cruise

Together the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu and Big Island create an incredibly beautiful Pacific area filled with many of fun and exciting things to do, an abundance of incredible island sights, world class hotels and diverse and striking landscape brimming with all things idyllic. Most visitors only have the time and resources to visit one of the island often wondering what other things await on neighboring isles. For many years there weren’t many affordable options for exploring more than one island. These days an interisland flight or Hawaii interisland cruise operators offer lend a chance to see more than just one area.

There are several ships connecting between various major island ports offering Hawaiian cruises interisland style. More recently many more ships offering an interislands cruise in Hawaii have pumped up their agendas by affording visitors more time ashore between island jaunts. Growing interest in cruising between the islands has led to many more exciting opportunities. In days gone by the popular journey was a Hawaii cruise, leaving from a major US port and sailing around the islands with little time to stop and enjoy the scenery. These days every combination is possible, from one and two day journeys to another island or week-long and longer cruises to all the islands.

Staying with a strictly Hawaiian agenda lends an amazing experience throughout one of the most beautiful island chains in the world. Norwegian cruise lines operate several cruise ships around the Hawaiian islands as does Royal Caribbean, Holland America and several more. Hawaii interisland cruise itineraries fall into seven to eleven day categories each offering longer stopovers in island ports for adventure and exploration. It’s also possible to choose from only a few days yet this is a fast-paced journey affording little time for discovery. Vessels are massive and modern, resembling luxury floating hotels packed with abundant lavish amenities, excellent accommodations, fantastic dining and all kinds of ship activities. These Hawaii cruises interisland port stops include Honolulu in Oahu, Lahaina or Kahului in Maui, Lihue on Kauai and Hilo as well as Kailua-Kona on Big Island.

Though each of the interisland cruises Hawaii ship lines offer have differing agendas, they are not too dissimilar from each other as they cater to visitors needs and wants which lie in added exploration of each island offering the most fulfilling Hawaii holidays. Vacationers are awarded lengthy time slots at each port during their Hawaii inter island cruise. A popular seven to ten day interislands cruise in Hawaii is one that often leaves from Honolulu in the early evening hours. The cruise sets sail and arrives on Kauai early the next morning, spending the night. Visitors can choose their preferred port of call, where the ship will stop for two days, or take a trip with equal timed stops exploring each port for a day or so. There are several Hawaii travel packages to choose from with varied schedules.

Kauai offers so many excellent excursions that its best to plan well. Most cruise lines will offer the services of Hawaii tours sometimes included in the cruise rate. Guides offer the most efficient way to see island highlights in a day. Visitors can choose from a variety of sights such as Waimea Canyon, a tour of Kauai beaches or a blend of snorkeling, hiking, swimming and maybe a fun Kauai Luau in the evening. The overnight hotel stay may or may not be included, depending on which Hawaii inter island cruise is selected.

Leaving Kauai around noon, the Hawaii inter island cruise proceeds to the Big Island, the biggest of all islands. The cruise may stop in Hilo, or may head to the opposite side to the Kohala Coast. The Kohala Coast is the most popular and if there is an overnight stay involved, it’s the better choice with many more things to do an see. With some interisland cruises, Hilo is a morning stop and the ship departs in the evening, heading past Mount Kilauea in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A day in Kona, a full day in Maui and back to Honolulu finishes off the island odyssey. Points of interest in Maui include Haleakala, Molokini Crater and a great selection of other sites and fun endeavors.

None of the islands is the same as the other, with each port offering an exclusively unique experience. It helps to keep in mind the many attractions visitors are most interested in when choosing interisland cruises Hawaii agendas. Though each company itinerary varies for an interislands cruise in Hawaii, they cover the most attractive and popular ports. Often the difference in price between a few extra days isn’t that significant making ten day cruises the most ideal and advantageous for thorough island exploration. With each port of call on a Hawaii inter island cruise, some of the best and most breathtaking sightseeing opportunities in the world await visitors creating one of the best ways to see many Hawaiian areas.

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