Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth Mountains

The Sawtooth Mountains are a mountain range stretching through a number of states, including Idaho. The Sawtooth Mountain range is one of the more ideal places to enjoy skiing, hiking and whitewater rafting in the great state of Idaho. Although Idaho is home to a number of great places to ski, including the Schweitzer Ski Resort and the world-famous Sun Valley, the Sawtooth Mountains maintain an appeal to anyone looking for a backwoods skiing experience. Travelers can also enjoy rafting, hiking and climbing in the Sawtooth Mountain Range.

One great way to enjoy the Sawtooth Mountains is by organizing a customized trip. Since there are so many different activities that can be enjoyed in the Sawtooth Mountain range, and due to its somewhat remote location, it can be helpful to hire a guide to help organize your trip and also to stay safe. If skiing in Idaho is your main goal, you can organize a trip that takes advantage of the various ski huts located throughout the Sawtooth Mountain Idaho area.

The ski hut system refers to open ski huts found throughout the Sawtooth Mountain Idaho range. Most of these huts are open buildings with running water, a place to build a fire, and room for sleeping on cots or wooden beds. You will need to bring your own bedding and food, but the huts are clean and completely free of charge. This can be a great way to explore the Sawtooth Mountain Idaho area.

Families looking for a way to enjoy the mountain range may want to look into fly-fishing or whitewater rafting. Both the Payette and Salmon Rivers start in the Sawtooth Mountain range, and are both are equally good places for fly fishing. Although there is no charge to fly-fish in these rivers, you do need to have a current fishing license. Both of these rivers are also excellent locations for whitewater rafting, which can be arranged through a number of rafting companies that operate in the Sawtooth Mountains.

A number of great hiking trails can also be enjoyed in the Sawtooth Mountains, usually during the summer, since in the winter many of the best trails will be covered in snow. In the summer, well-kept trails provide both short and longer hikes, from an afternoon to multiple days spent hiking the trails. It is also possible to hike away from the most popular trails and venture into the wilderness a bit. Although this is a good way to discover wildlife and have a unique experience, it is a good idea to organize such a trip with the help of a guide company, who can provide a guide to hike with you and other valuable resources.

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