Burning Man

Burning Man
Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man Festival in Nevada is a week-long event which happens one week prior to Labor Day. The event, whose location is Black Rock Desert Nevada, is by far one of the most exciting attractions in Nevada. Black Rock Desert Nevada is located 90 miles northeast of Reno. During the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, it becomes what is known as a “temporary city.”

The desert environment of Black Rock Desert Nevada is known as a “playa.” Participants in the Burning Man Festival in Nevada must adhere to a strict “leave no trace” policy. Additionally, cash transactions are prohibited at the Burning Man Nevada. Participants work on a barter system with each other. Ice and coffee are the only things that you are permitted to buy. You should also know that there are no spectators in the Burning Man Nevada festival. It is an interactive event, so you should expect to be a participant.

So what makes the Burning Man, Nevada event one of the most unique attractions in Nevada? To understand its appeal, you will need to take a look at its history. The festival, which started in 1986, was the brainchild of artist Larry Harvey. A San Francisco beach was its first venue. Only about 20 people were present. Eventually, it grew into a mandatory pilgrimage into the Nevada desert. Today, thousands of open-minded and creative individuals attend.

The weeklong gathering culminates on the Saturday before Labor Day. It is celebrated with the burning of a massive wooden man, who is about 40 feet in height. The burning is supposedly symbolic of the renewal of life. Guerilla street theatre, performance art, artistic theme camps and music are prevalent throughout the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. The largest interactive theme camps can be found on the Esplanade, which can be considered the “Main Street” of Black Rock Desert Nevada.


These theme camps have become popular attractions in Nevada. For example, the Thunderdome Camp was inspired by the Mad Max movies. This is where contestants can perform mock battles in a geodesic dome. When you get hungry, proceed to the Pancake Playhouse, where you will be served, you guessed it, pancakes! For a bit of humor, visit the 7 Sins Lounge. Is there something you have been feeling guilty about? The “church” will gladly give you a “Get Out of Hell, Free” card. You can also take a spin on the 7 Sins Spanking Wheel and pay for you sins in advance! Speaking of sin, are you interested in developing your sensuality? Well, then, head over to the Ascension Tribe which describes itself as a “sacred, sensual place for ritual and workshops that elevate the energies of the soul.”

Whatever you decide to do at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, you will surely have an interesting experience.

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