Salt Lake City Mountains

Salt Lake City Mountains

Salt Lake City mountains are primarily part of the Wasatch Range, and they provide locals and tourists alike with numerous recreational activities. They also offer a spectacular backdrop to the city and help to make it one of the most attractive settlements in the West. The Wasatch Front Salt Lake City mountains rise up to the near east of Salt Lake City, and they are home to the smaller city of Park City and a number of world-class ski resorts. Heading further east, the tallest mountains in all of Utah can be found in the Uinta Mountain Range, and they include the 13,528-foot-tall King’s Peak, which tops them all. Most Salt Lake City locals and visitors stick to the Wasatch Range when it comes to recreation, and if nothing else, a scenic drive through this range can prove very rewarding.

The tallest mountain that can be found within the Salt Lake City boundaries is Grandview Peak, and it rises 9,410 feet above sea level. To give you some perspective, the city itself sits at an altitude of around 4,200 feet above sea level in the Salt Lake Valley. While the Wasatch Front Salt Lake City mountains are located on the eastern side of the valley, to the west are the Oquirrh Mountains. There are also some mountains that can be enjoyed on Antelope Island, which is the largest of the Great Salt Lake Islands. The tallest peak on Antelope Island is Frary Peak, and it stands at 6,595 feet above sea level.

As is true of many of the other peaks in the Salt Lake City area, Frary Peak provides excellent hiking. Once atop the peak, amazing views of the island, Great Salt Lake images, and pictures of the area mountains serve as the reward. Mountain climbing near Salt Lake City is another option for things to do in the Utah highlands, and you can also do plenty of rock climbing and mountain biking. During the winter months, skiing and snowboarding are the preferred pursuits, and you can always strap some snowshoes on and do some winter hiking.

Whether you want to go skiing in the Salt Lake City mountains or you prefer warm weather activities such as hiking and mountain biking, heading to one of the area resorts can be an excellent idea. These resorts are mostly found in the Wasatch Front Salt Lake City canyons, and they include Alta and Brighton, to name a couple. Winter and summer are the peak seasons for the area resorts, and it’s not hard to find lodging near the ski slopes and hiking trails. As for those who want to do some mountain climbing near Salt Lake City, there are a number of agencies in the area that can be used to arrange excursions of all kinds. These agencies know the best places to climb, and they can provide their patrons with all the equipment that they will need.

Mountain climbing near Salt Lake City can be enjoyed year round. The Wasatch Front Salt Lake City provides the most popular climbing destinations in the area, with the more moderate options including the northwest face of Mount Olympus and the south ridge on Mount Superior. For the more advanced climber, taking on the renowned Sundial and hitting some of the other more remote faces should provide the desired challenge. From November to May, you can expect to climb on rock, snow, and ice while doing some mountain climbing near Salt Lake City, and should you arrange an overnight excursion, you can learn all about snow camping. Many climbers who are planning on tackling some of the bigger mountains in North America, such as Denali or Rainier, often climb the Salt Lake City mountains first to prepare, as the conditions are less challenging on the whole and the instruction opportunities are numerous.