Egypt Beaches

Egypt beaches can be an affordable alternative to popular destinations in Europe if you're looking for a relaxing resort vacation. While the relics of ancient Egypt are a popular attraction for the country, beaches are also a significant draw for tourists. If you want to visit a beach in Egypt, you have two areas to choose from. The northern coast of Egypt along the Mediterranean Sea has many options for sunbathing and water sports. The other popular option is the beaches along the Red Sea, on the eastern coast of the country. Some Egypt beaches and resorts cater mostly to Egyptian visitors, while others see a significant amount of international tourists with the assistance of charter companies and travel agencies.

The Sharm el Sheikh beaches are known as some of the best beaches in Egypt. What was once a small fishing town has developed into a sunny beach haven for a variety of tourists. A variety of factors lure visitors to the Sharm el Sheikh beaches, including the availability of charter flights to the area, world-class scuba diving, and luxury hotels. As one of the most popular resorts along the Red Sea, families, young people looking for a party, and travelers with vacation packages will all be seen on the Sharm el Sheikh beaches. They're also an excellent destination for a romantic honeymoon in Egypt. Located on the Sinai peninsula, this area of Egypt is known for its consistent weather and the availability of water sports. As it's located more than 300 miles away from Cairo, it is best to hop a charter flight to enjoy this Red Sea destination.

Other Red Sea beaches include Taba, which is known to have a significant number of their tourists from Israel. Hurghada is also home to one of the best beaches in Egypt for foreign tourists, and it's justly one of the most popular. For those visitors who are looking to avoid the crowds, there are a few spots along the Red Sea that are quieter and still cater to tourists. Nuweiba and Dahab are known for their casual nature and mix of foreign visitors. Along the Red Sea and the Mediterranean coast there is a beach in Egypt for every type of traveler, from people looking to camp on the beach to those who prefer five-star luxury accommodation.

If you’re looking for a beach in Egypt that offers scuba diving, then you should head for options along the Red Sea. Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh are very popular for diving and are home to a number of excellent dive sites; enthusiasts travel from across the world to dive in this specific area. Divers arrive year-round, but certain times of the year are more popular than others. For those who aren't interested in diving, other beach activities such as snorkeling, wind-surfing, parasailing, and boat rentals are available at most Egypt beaches.

August is often the most uncomfortable month, reaching temperatures well above 100 degrees, but still the popular summer season lasts from April to October. For those travelers who love the sun but hate the heat, fall is an excellent time to go, as Egypt beaches remain at a warm average of 68 degrees between November and March. Some travelers combine a trip to the beach with an exploration of the ruins of ancient Egypt at Luxor or Saqqara, while others opt to enjoy the offering of modern Egypt in cities such as Cairo. Either way, there is plenty of entertainment, sun, and culture to soak up during a vacation to Egypt.

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