Beaches in France

Beaches in France
Nude Beaches in France

With three different bodies of water along its coastlines France has plenty of water front for its beautiful beaches, and a variety of settings to please any sunbather. From the warm crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, to the long, sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, to the picturesque coastline along the English Channel, French beaches are varied and plentiful. In addition, beaches in France are know for their liberal attitude towards bathing attire, as many sunbathers tan topless, or even nude. For a more wholesome experience there are designated family beaches in some areas. Which coast you hit depends on what you’re looking for, but it’s not hard to find the best beach for your vacation in France.

The beaches in the south of France, nestled on the Mediterranean Sea, are typically warmer, sandier, and more expensive to vacation in than other areas of France, as the jet set crowed likes to play in the surf on the French Rivera. Nice is one of the the more modestly priced towns, while St. Tropez and Cannes are more posh, along with their coveted sandy beaches in the south of France. Of course, the glamor of a riviera vacation is sometimes worth expense, and the sunny Mediterranean can’t be beat. If you’re feeling a bit risque, there are plenty of natural and topless beaches in France. There are designated family beaches, but along the boulevards nobody seems to mind, or get to out of hand. If you brought your yacht, as many of the celebrities do, don’t limit yourself to the crowded beaches in the south of France, near the cities of the rivera, cruise up the coast and find a less crowded beach.

The beaches in France along the Atlantic are longer and less crowded then their counterparts on the French Riviera, but the bustling hotspots can get every bit as dense. The Atlantic keeps the water cooler than the Mediterranean, and the ocean waves rolling in are a boon to surfers. The northern coastline features the historic D-day beaches, as well as beaches for sunbathing and surfing.

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