Martinique Beaches

The "best" of anything is always subjective, especially when it comes to beaches. Some people prefer small, quiet expanses of sandy shores with minimal amenities and maximum privacy. Others like an action-packed beach with plenty of things to do and see and many amenities to keep from having to leave the beach or bring too much along. Some of the best beaches in Martinique come from recommendations from all kinds of visitors ensuring you'll find a beach that suits your needs and preferences.

Beaches in Martinique
Beaches in Martinique

There are several different kinds of Martinique beaches to enjoy on the island. Predominantly white sand beaches can be found along the western coast of the island near the city of Fort de France. The area offers a great selection in Martinique hotels, from low-priced rooms to luxury accommodations. The Hotel Sofitel Bakoua is located across from the Fort de France bay and is one of the most popular Martinique beach hotels offering plenty of excellent amenities and a lovely, soft, white sand beach right in front.

Nearby Fort de France in Les Trois Islet, Pointe du Bout is yet another beach in Martinique well worth visiting and considered another of the best beaches in Martinique. This cluster of manmade Martinique beaches is small but provides great access to the water and many things to do nearby such as shopping and dining. There are numerous Martinique beach hotels in Les Trois Islet to choose from including Frantour, Novetel, and the Meridien. This is where the largest concentration of Martinique luxury hotels and resorts are found. The area accommodates a large number of tourists and offers plenty of choices for sightseeing, transportation, and events such as local music and weekend markets.

If you're looking for a beach in Martinique in the northern area close to St Pierre, you'll find they feature exotic black sand, but rough water can be a deterrent from swimming. The strong currents and rugged shoreline of the east coast tend to turn people off the Martinique beaches in the area, yet there are still a few worth visiting. In the more popular areas, Martinique beach hotels can be ideal places to soak up the sun, sand, sea, as well as the French culture and tantalizing cuisine. One of the most favored, if not one of the best beaches in Martinique, is in Le Marin, just north of St Anne and called Pointe de Marin. Catching rays all day long, people dot the soft sandy shoreline with towels and umbrellas and every kind of beach toy. Overlooking the beach are many good options for lunch and dinner. Bathrooms and showers are located right on the beach.

On the southwestern tip of Martinique lies Le Diamont in Diamant Plage. Enjoying the reputation as one of the largest beaches in Martinique, Le Diamont sees scads of beachcombers and sun worshipers every year. Unlike the crowds that gather along the northern island's beaches, Le Diamont doesn't really see many large crowds. If you love the beach but aren't too interested in more than just a wade in the sea to cool off, Le Diamont is ideal. The water tends to be rough throughout the year, keeping hordes of swimmers at bay and thinning out crowds. If diving is of interest, Diamond Rock, or Rocher du Diamont, is just off the coast. The basalt island encompasses a deep cave underneath the water popular with divers. The island was once inhabited by twenty British soldiers who set up a garrison there in 1804.

If you're planning a stay at one of the Martinique beach hotels, be sure to take a day trip to another beach or two to truly soak in the variety and lovely natural aspects of Martinique's shoreline. Some of the best beaches in Martinique are those tucked away from tourists' eyes. Martinique beaches come in such a wide assortment with many different atmospheres that it's worth the time to soak in every one at a slow and leisurely pace. Take in the beautiful surroundings and wind right down during your vacation, leaving all thoughts of home at bay.

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