St Lucia Beaches

St Lucia is a beautiful island with many beaches to choose from. There are several black and gold sand beaches that make this island an excellent retreat for the paradise lover.

St. Lucia beaches are all open to the public, even if they are connected to a beach resort. The western shores have the best swimming, as the eastern shore is a bit too rocky and full of rough surf to be good for swimming.

North of the city is Soufriere beach, one of the beaches in St. Lucia that has dark sand and is frequented by the locals. It is also home to a beautiful resort and a spot for excellent snorkeling and diving. This is one of the St Lucia beaches with a dive shop right on the beach!

Anse du Cap is a lovely black sand beach with very calm waters. It is located at the Club Le sport in Cap Estate.

Other St Lucia beaches near Cap Estate are Smuggler's Cove beach (good for snorkeling) and Anse Bucne (another black sand beach).

For the true beach connoisseur, Marigot Bay is another of the St. Lucia beaches that has lovely black sand. A secluded beach that can only be reached by boat. There are no amenities, but the beautiful nearby reefs make this trip worth it for the serious snorkeler.

Reduit beach is a busy tourist spot with many hotels and restaurants nearby. It's one of the beautiful and more popular St. Lucia beaches where you can find a plethora of water sports equipment rental. If you see Caribbean beach photos of St Lucia, this is their typical subject.

Pigeon Point Beach is on Pigeon Island, but it is still accessible by car. It is near the Pigeon Island National Historic Park. It's one of the St Lucia beaches where you can bring a picnic and plan an entire day trip enjoying the white sand beach and beautiful views.

Anse de Sable beach is a haven for windsurfers, it's a white sand beach that looks out at the Maria Islands. Cas En Bas beach is another one of the beaches of St Lucia that is frequented by windsurfers. On of the fun things to do in the Caribbean is take windsurfing lessons on these St. Lucia beaches.

Choc beach is another one of the beaches of St Lucia that is good for water sports. You can rent sailboats, a windsurf board or go for some waterskiing. The calm surf is also excellent for families with children.

For the adventurous type, Anse Louvet Beach is a two or three hours walk. The hike will be worth the effort as this is on of the few sheltered beaches in St. Lucia where turtles can be seen nesting their eggs.

Jalousie Beach has white sand and beautiful clear water. It offers a beautiful view of the Gros and Petit Piton volcanic peaks. There is a 1,800 foot reef at the base of the Pitons, which, like many beaches in St. Lucia, makes for excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

The quintessential Caribbean vacation awaits the beach lover in St Lucia. Come for the sun and the surf, the beaches of St Lucia will keep the paradise lover coming back year after year.

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