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Port of Spain replaced Saint Joseph as the capital of Trinidad and Tobago in 1757. The city was under Spanish rule at the time of the switch, though British forces soon invaded and claimed it in 1797. Port of Spain Trinidad takes its name from its Spanish founders, who first started showing up in 1560. Over the centuries, Port of Spain has grown significantly, and while it is not the largest city in the country, it is a thriving little metropolis nonetheless. You can find Port of Spain on the northwestern coast of the island of Trinidad, and it’s just a 30-minute drive from the country’s main international airport. For those arriving on flights to Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain is often the first stop, though you could easily head elsewhere due to the country’s relatively small size. Some might argue that the traffic and overall urban burdens in Port of Spain make it worth skipping when visiting Trinidad and Tobago, while others recommend Port of Spain vacations for the wealth of things to do. A bustling city Port of Spain most definitely is, and that’s just how some visitors like it.

Most of the main attractions in Port of Spain can be reached by foot from the center of town, so you won’t have to rely on cabs and busses if you prefer to walk. To get to Port of Spain from the Piarco International Airport, you can rent a car and drive yourself, hail a cab or minivan, or take a maxi taxi, which is basically a small bus. Another way of getting to Port of Spain Trinidad is by arriving on one of Trinidad and Tobago cruises that stops at the city’s harbor. As a side note, there is a ferry service that links Port of Spain with the island of Tobago’s main city of Scarborough just in case you want to head there after enjoying all that Port of Spain vacations have to offer. As for things that Port of Spain vacations have of offer, you can include some vibrant nightlife, a varied dining scene, and some interesting shopping opportunities. For those who enjoy sports, the Queen’s Park Savannah is worth including on the itinerary when in town. A 200-acre park, The Savannah as it is more commonly known, has rugby, cricket, and soccer fields, and should you simply prefer a stroll, you can check out what the local vendors have in the way of food and refreshments as you go.

While exploring The Savannah, a walk along its northwestern edge will reward you with the Magnificent Seven, which are among the featured attractions in Port of Spain. These mansions, which are effectively set in a row, are hard to miss, and among them are the Queen’s Royal College, which is known for its clock tower, Whitehall, which is home to Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister, and Stollmeyer’s Castle, which exhibits beautifully cut stonework. All of the Magnificent Seven mansions were built around 1900. To the north of The Savannah, the Royal Botanical Gardens will attract those who enjoy nature and the great outdoors. In addition to visiting the orchid house, seeing the rare trees, and smelling the delightful flowers at the Royal Botanical Gardens, you can also stop by the Emperor Valley Zoo, which is part of the overall grounds. While the Gardens are free to the public, there is a small fee to get into the zoo.

For those who want to learn more about the art, culture, and history of Trinidad and Tobago, the National Museum and Art Gallery is one of the attractions in Port of Spain that should be included on the agenda. It can be found just off of the southeastern side of The Queen’s Park Savannah, and in addition to housing Trinidad and Tobago-related artwork and artifacts, it also offers an exhibit that is based on Carnival costumes. When it comes to annual events in Trinidad and Tobago, Carnival is the most celebrated, and seeing these costumes is a real treat. For more sightseeing while in Port of Spain Trinidad, a trip to the southern side of town along Frederick Street is a good bet. Those looking to do some shopping in Port of Spain will enjoy the shopping district on Frederick Street’s southern stretch, and nearby attractions include the Red House, which is the country’s seat of government, and the Brian Lara Promenade-Independence Square.

The attractions in Port of Spain can fill up a bunch of your time, and being the cultural capital of the country, Port of Spain is a great place to catch a concert, play, or other performance when looking for things to do. When you’re not enjoying the shops, restaurants, and other attractions in Port of Spain during your visit, you can always plan some day trips to nearby locations. Should the Trinidad and Tobago beaches be a point of interest for you, Maracas Bay is just eighteen miles away. It boasts good facilities, though if you want a less-crowded beach, you can head further down the North Coast Road and hit Las Cuevas Bay. The northwestern coast of Trinidad is one of the best places in the Caribbean to do some deep-sea fishing, so anglers can always book a fishing charter when in Port of Spain, while golfers won’t want to pass on the chance to play a round at St. Andrew’s Golf Course, which is just two miles from the capital. There are so many possibilities when it comes to Port of Spain vacations, so start checking out the Port of Spain hotels, and plan your trip to one of the Caribbean’s most energetic cities.

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