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Most beaches are closed to vehicles, but a few select ones allow 4X4s and pick-up trucks access to the sand. What do you think about that? The last...

Attention surfers, what would you say is the best beach for surfing? Where do you like to go catch a wave? Do you like to go to the legendary beaches...

Pop quiz! No, not really, but I'd love to hear your opinion about the best beaches in the Florida Keys. I just talked to a friend who was raving...

Latest Topics

Iconic in some areas and unknown in others, Brazil is a vast country. Few places have as much energy as Rio de Janiero. Home of Carnival, Christ the Redeemer statue, and amazing beaches, Rio enchants. Maracana Stadium and other sites are preparing for the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Away from the cities, Iguassu Falls, national parks and Amazon tours take visitors far off the beaten path.

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