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The list is in for the top beaches of 2014. Once again, Hawaii and Florida held the majority of the top 10 slots. Take a look and share whether or...

With so many great beaches out there, it can be difficult to choose a favorite. But many of us do have favorite beaches. I was lucky to visit my...

Most beaches are closed to vehicles, but a few select ones allow 4X4s and pick-up trucks access to the sand. What do you think about that? The last...

Latest Topics

No city in the world is like Tokyo. One look at its skyline proves how modern and mobile this city is. Shoppers love to make their way to the various districts to find the latest in electronics, anime and chic accessories. The Roppongi District, home of the Tokyo Tower, is loved for its shopping as much as its nightlife. For a taste of nature, consider a stroll through the delightful Ueno Park.

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